dimber, pronounced like the switch, is a punk band formed in 2016 in LA, California. Upbeat music for downbeat people. Charged up rainbow sparkles, short and fast, spindles and shards of the Clueless soundtrack aimed against social control. Theme songs of desperation and hope in the modern age.

They released the four song 7" damber - EP in 2017 and the 7" single Take Me Out b/w Sons and Daughters in 2018, both on Chain Letter Collective.

"Imagine the Descendents produced a riot grrrl band." - Candace Hansen, Razorcake.

Neza Alexander

NEZA ALEXANDER are 2 musicians based in LA making hip-hop influenced with electronic music & sounds. Neza was born in Rwanda & transplanted to the midwest as a kid. Alex was born in Pennsylvania but grew up traveling & living in Asia/Europe.

The Primals surface like undiscovered aural sculptors from an era when MTV was relevant and ruled by heavy alternative legends. Their fuzzy execution is equal slabs of ripping guitar heaviness and infectious pop sensibility, concocted by a seasoned trio with a historical backbone in D.C. punk and hardcore. Their new album , “All Love Is True Love” releases September 7th, 2018 on Southern Lord Records. Produced by John Reis.


$10.00 - $12.00


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