Talent often appears without warning. A video is sometimes all it takes to bring attention to those with the talent and tenacity to become a cyber sensation. On the other hand, there’s often reason to be wary of those who merely trade on a gimmick without the ability to solidify that success.
That’s reason enough to appreciate a new young artist who refers to himself simply as Shane. He smashes through the stereotypes that tend to define some artists as one hit wonders while providing the distinct possibility that his initial notoriety is only the start of a spectacular career. That promise is manifest in the remarkable video he created for “Insecure,” which has garnered critical acclaim and a remarkable ten million views across social media. The song is taken from Sad, his five song, self-released debut EP. So why the raves? Simply watch the video and see for yourself. Here’s the link: Shane "Insecure"
Music Video. Set in a church with Shane and a group of guys front and center, it features some, shall we say, unique dance steps and otherwise awkward moves made up and down the altar, as parishioners gawk with wide-eyed wonder. They eventually succumb, rapt with the weirdness and the unexpected charm and appeal they inevitably encounter. At that point, it’s all but obvious that Shane will get his girl. Not surprisingly then, “Insecure” effectively encapsulates that feeling everyone has at one timeor another, that sense of sadness that suggests we’re somehow unworthy, all but ignored and simply damn near unappreciated. It is, in effect, a tale of triumph over doubt, victory over distant odds, and a lesson in getting the attention that’s deserved when it’s needed the most.
“I’m interested in pop music with an unpopular message, theme or idea,” the Los Angeles native explains. “I like taking an unusual message and presenting it in a popular way. I actually wrote ‘Insecure’ in less than ten minutes on my piano. If it flows easily and comes to me quickly, then I know it’s gonna be good.”
Indeed, there’s something to be said for the tune’s quiet yearning, wistful melody and supple suggestion, all of which is bonded into an irresistible refrain. Combining an uplifting theme with a seductive sound is accomplishment enough, but even then, the song is more than that. It’s Shane’s bid for recognition, his attempt to tell the world at large that he’s ready to take his music to the next stage, and garner an audience that he hopes will follow.

The rest of the Sad EP + Singles follow suit, from the subdued rumination of the title track and the barely contained insistence of “Empty,” to the soulful, nuanced delivery of “Manufactured”
and the emotional and expressive “Dance” and “Losers”. Here again, Shane sings from the heart, confident but controlled, while seizing on the sentiment that only genuine optimism can supply. Garnering over 5 Million streams on Spotify to date.
For all the talent Shane exhibits outwardly -- his wistful yet expressive vocals, his dramatic dancing, a look and attitude that gives him a particular presence -- he’s equally adept away from
the spotlight as well. He writes all the songs of course, but his craft, imagination and choreography piloted the production all the way through. Shane conceived, cast, and edited his videos, while sharing direction credits with his childhood friend Brandon Forbes, with whom he made a pact early on they would shoot his first music videos together. To his credit, the results paid off. “Dance” featuring acclaimed dancer ‘Dytto’, which just surpassed 1 million views on You Tube along with “Play Good Music At My Funeral” and most recently released “Losers”,
whose video teasers have each garnered millions of views across social media. Co-produced by Australian wunderkind Craig Williams -- whose previous credits include a stint as a DJ for the legendary Lollapalooza festival in Chicago, and a top twenty hit on the U.K. dance charts -- Shane’s music offers solace and insight...and more than a hint of humor. “Pop culture right now is all about being self absorbed,” Shane suggests. “People walk around and act like they are some kind of a god to mask their insecurity. So instead, I tried to make a song about being insecure, one that preaches the exact opposite of what our culture tells us, and disguised it inside a pop song.”
A resident of the San Fernando Valley some 20 minutes north of Hollywood, Shane began singing and performing at the age of eight. By the time he was twelve, he was already writing short stories and original songs. Today he cites a wide array of influences spawned from music, film and fashion -- from David Bowie, Marina and the Diamonds and Gesaffelstein on the one
hand, to Alfred Hitchcock, Walt Disney and Hedi Slimane on the other. Asked what inspires him, Shane says it’s simply his desire to create music “in a unique and entertaining way that hasn’t been done before.” It’s pretty clear that Shane has no reason to be insecure any longer.

Steffan Argus, age 18, has been a professional singer/songwriter/performer/actor/model for the past seven years.

Starting out in Chicago, he starred in several local Chicago theatre productions before booking a major gig with a Billboard chart-topping multi-million dollar children's music franchise where he then traveled extensively to perform live sold-out concerts across the US & into Canada.

Later, he moved to Los Angeles continuing his career in the entertainment industry. Steffan is not your typical up-and-coming Indie pop/rock star, he has been classically trained on several instruments, he reads sheet music, writes music composition & lyrics, sings, and he plays 8 different instruments; guitar, piano, ukulele, cello, french horn, bass jazz guitar, banjo and single percussion instruments.

Steffan graduated high school early and currently attends Berklee College of Music on-line remotely part-time from Los Angeles

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