4 Wheel Drive

Back by popular demand! 4 WHEEL DRIVE featuring Jordan Rager, Jon Langston, Cole Taylor, and Travis Denning.

Do not miss this unique writer's in the round performance, by the future of country music, from the great state of Georgia!

Coming from Loganville, a small town a little ways outside of Athens, GA, Jordan started playing the songs he wrote at small clubs and restaurants around 14 years old. He found his passion as a songwriter by making back and forth trips to Nashville several times a month to network and meet new writing partners. He was a member of Team Blake on season 2 of NBC's "The Voice", and in 2013, Jordan toured along side of Justin Moore, Randy Houser, and Josh Thompson on the "Off The Beaten Path" tour.

Jordan Rager

Jordan Rager is the quintessential millennial artist. Keenly aware of how to reach an audience, Jordan expertly marries today's technology to traditional country music. The singer/songwriter spent his teens self-recording videos and performing classic cover songs, which he shared on YouTube. These videos caught the attention of Justin Moore, and before the age of 19, Jordan was opening an arena tour with the country-radio star.

Justin was right: Jordan wowed the crowds along with record execs, and a deal with Broken Bow Records soon followed. He began recording songs with some of the biggest names in country music, like Jason Aldean, and releasing singles to radio. It was an epic roller-coaster ride - the once-in-a-lifetime chance that young artists dream about.

After following his instinct, Jordan amicably parted ways with the label. "If I could do it all again, I'm not sure I would have signed that deal,” he explains, “I needed to grow. It's hard for me to say that, but I didn't know who I was as an artist yet." He learned that this decision paved the way for a period of self-discovery, leading to a new partnership with Riser House Entertainment.

Now 23, the Georgia native has a clear picture of who he is as an artist and where he's headed. Jordan is committed to carving out a lasting career, and he looks to his key influence, Alan Jackson, as a template for success. “I remember being six years old and sitting in front of the TV, and A.J. was on. Even at that young age, I remember watching that and thinking, 'That's cool. I want to do that,’” recalls Jordan, who was also raised on the songs of the Eagles, Merle Haggard, Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney.

"My favorite artists are the guys who wrote songs. Songwriting is a very sincere form of expression. You are opening up your soul to people and saying, 'This is what I'm feeling.' I love that," he says. "I want to be an honest writer and artist."

To that end, he's rededicated himself to writing, penning new songs, like "Little Bit of Gravel" and the stunning "Little Reminders." "Little Bit of Gravel" draws on Jordan's own upbringing, as the sometimes troublemaking son of a pastor. The lyric, "I hope there's a little bit of gravel in the streets of gold,” perfectly highlights the theme. The words popped into Jordan's head as he was making one of his usual treks between Georgia and Nashville, before he relocated full-time to Music City.

"Little Reminders" is more stark, as a simple love song of reassurance to a girlfriend. Jordan wrote the ballad by himself and never planned to play it for his new label, but when he did, they fell in love with its raw nature. "Her favorite things are little reminders / to let her know I'll always be standing beside her," Jordan sings.

"These are the types of songs I want to write and record. I want to be completely transparent to the people who hear my music, who may relate to the things I'm singing about," he says.

Along with "Little Bit of Gravel" and "Little Reminders," Jordan also wrote a nostalgic song about fishing with his grandfather, portraying the unfiltered conversation that comes with days on the stream bank. Dubbed "Reel Talk," the tune recalls his hero Alan Jackson in its down-home charm and folksy lyrics. "My granddad was very quiet, but he opens up when he's fishing. We tell stories and catch up. It's very personal to me," he says. "And that's what I'm talking about when it comes to honesty. I want listeners to hear that and say, 'I feel like I know that guy better from that song.'"

But Jordan isn't opposed to recording outside songs. “Sometimes, another writer's words become your own,” he says. Especially in the case of "Georgia Boy," a new track written by Andy Albert, Michael Whitworth, Justin Wilson and Dave Pittinger. The track calls out some of Jordan’s stomping grounds – from Peachtree Street to the Chattahoochee River – growing up in Georgia. Likewise, "Good Ones" name-checks Atlanta Braves icon, Chipper Jones.

Currently in the studio as he wraps up his eagerly awaited project, Jordan is excited for fans, both old and new, to hear all of these songs, which he feels will show the country music world exactly who he is. "What I'm working on now, both lyrically and sonically, is what I've always wanted to do. I'm getting to make the music I've always dreamed about," he explains. "It'll be honest. It’ll be transparent. And, it will all be me,” he says, adding that making that impact is something he is very mindful of. “To see people’s reacting so well to my songs has been the coolest thing in the world. It really validates me and lets me know that I’m doing the right thing in my life. There are people out there who want to hear my story and my songs, which is the coolest thing in the world to me.”

His lyrics. His way. It’s a concept that sounds easy enough, but Jordan knows it’s a journey – one that begins and ends with a lyric. “I love writing songs, and I put a lot of heart into writing songs. My songs tell my story, so my story comes out in my writing. I want my music to be something that listeners personally connect with – for a long time!”

Jon Langston

Jon Langston is a singer/songwriter from Loganville, Georgia. Langston first learned to play his guitar in 8th grade, but music wasn’t his main focus until his junior year of college. Where he attends at Gardner-Webb University, he plans to graduate in May of 2014. Country music is his passion but has had many different influences that have molded his music style. Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, and Tim Mcgraw to Guns-n-Roses, Staind, and Lynyrd Skynard have taken part into forming what Jon Langston’s music is. In 2012, he began writing his own original songs. He began to work on his originals at Century Studios in Atlanta, GA at the end of 2012, and released his first three original songs in January 2013. His song “Forever Girl” played on Atlanta’s 94.9 The Bull’s Backyard Country for six weeks. Jon released four new songs off his “Runnin’ on Sunshine” EP that he co wrote with another artist and good friend, Jordan Rager, in August 2013. Off the new EP, “She’s so Georgia”, was aired within a week of release on Backyard Country. He has played venues in Georgia, Alabama, and North Carolina, and has had the opportunity to be the opening act for artists such as; Chase Rice and Corey Smith. Jon was nominated for the 2013 Georgia Country Awards, Male Artist of the Year and thanks to his fans, he is currently one of twelve vying for the award. Langston’s music is available on iTunes now!

Cole Taylor

With his simple yet poignant way of capturing universal feelings, Cole Taylor has quickly become an in-demand country songwriter, with Florida Georgia Line, Rodney Atkins, Chase Rice and others lining up to record his songs. But since no one can truly sing a Cole Taylor song quite like he can, the Georgia native has developed a reputation as an artist with a unique knack for singing timeless truths with a fresh melodic twist.

Indeed, the Georgia music industry named him Georgia Artist of the Year and Male Artist of the Year at the 2012 GeorgiaCountry.com awards following the release of his two acclaimed albums-- 2009's That Will Always Be Home to Me and 2011's Cab of My Chevy. "It was awesome getting the recognition for that. That's what made me think it could happen for a living," says Taylor, who began songwriting at 14 and performing shows at 16. "I got to working on that and really busted my butt and played a lot shows."

Nine months after moving from Cuthbert, Ga., to Music City, Taylor signed a publishing deal with Universal Music Publishing Nashville in November 2013. He had set a goal of landing a deal within a year, so he achieved his dream with three months to spare.

Since then, Florida Georgia Line cut his song "Sippin' On Fire," Rodney Atkins cut "It's Your World", and Chase Rice recorded "Look At My Truck." He's written with top songwriters such as Jimmy Robbins, Rodney Clawson, Ryan Hurd, Matt Dragstrem and Andrew Dorff.

His melodies and phrasings simultaneously fit in and stand apart from what is topping the country charts today. Like many in his generation, the 23 year old was raised on Garth Brooks and Maroon 5, Travis Tritt and Usher. Therefore, his melodies and rhythms defy traditional boundaries and expectations, but still rest comfortably within the edgier pop-leaning sound that dominates the genre.

He couples those irresistible melodies with brilliantly simple lyrics. "It's not really like this big, complicated way of saying things," he says. "It's how a small-town guy would say it, and that's what reaches people. I grew up with this natural, conversational way of saying stuff that works, where people don't have to think about it.

"I want to be honest with people," he says. "I don't just sit and write for myself; I write for my fans and try to touch them with the songs, because some people don't know how to say what they want to say. I observe other people and write about those situations they're in so that maybe it can change somebody. Music has a powerful message in people's lives. I know listening to Garth Brooks' 'The River' and 'The Dance' pulled me into being a country music fan."

As he's crossing things off of his bucket list after accomplishes them at such a young age, he's having to quickly come up with new goals. "Having a publishing deal and getting songs on other people's albums has been something I have dreamed of forever," he says. "Now the next goal is to land a record deal somewhere and get on the road touring and keep building that fan base and writing greater songs. I want to take advantage of the opportunities when they call me and not let them slip by."

Travis Denning

Born out of Middle Georgia, Travis Denning has been crafting his skills as a musician and as a songwriter for close to 10 years now. With a powerful voice and a mature musicianship beyond his years, Travis has proven himself as a must see live performer. MidGaLive.com states, "Definitely, Middle Georgia's next big export!...This dude is going to be the next Keith Urban..." and with good reason to back it up. Travis made the move to Nashville in January 2015 to pursue his dreams, and within the first year has made great steps towards a long career in country music. Currently on tour with Jordan Rager in support of Justin Moore, he finds time to write songs when back in Nashville off of the road. On the music he writes and performs, Travis comments, "I like to think that I sing about everything that is me, and everything I know. I've grown up in the South my whole life and everything about it and the things I love shine right through what I write and sing about."

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