Hi-Dive's 5th and 14th Anniversary Party

We have persisted another year. We are celebrating by throwing a wildly eclectic show with our friends on Black Friday.


Ned Garthe Explosion

10 trillion years ago, when dinosaurs and dragons fought with spells and shit, a band was formed.

From the fiery depths of Mt. Doom the great volcano brought the four men to life. Out of the lava, four dudes naked as hell crawled out into the world. Fire n' shit was all over the place. This super rad wizard with a kick ass beard named all the dudes; Ned, Stuart, Tyler, and Spencer all ancient forgotten names from a forgotten language from a forgotten galaxy. The wizard gave the dudes some killer instruments that sounded crazy good. The four rad bros rocked through the ages.

Sleep Union

We are band from Denver. Ex-North Atlantic, Big Science, Lawsuit Models.

Extra Gold

Since forming in 2017 as the house band for Denver's only monthly country music showcase, Extra Gold have crafted a country music cocktail that is equal parts Golden-Era Country Revival, Folk, and Rock & Roll. With the addition of upright bass in the rhythm section combined with pedal steel and fiddle, the band plays their cards. They waltz through tender three-part harmony ballads before inciting two-steppin’, beer-slingin’ dance parties that have placed them in venues with modern-day honky-tonk heroes like Whitey Morgan and Jesse Dayton, as well as future household names like Paul Cauthen and Zephaniah Ohora. With a debut EP soon to be released and a full catalog of originals on the table, the tempo continues to pick up for Extra Gold in 2018.


A few boys based in Denver, riding a land-locked surf wave carving in folk, alternative sounds, with some heavier tones from the past.

Really Good Bad Boy Club

(the) Really Good Bad Boy Club was born out of psychedelic desperation in the back of a 1988 G20 van called “Frankenstein” (aka “Frankie”) and at the time went by another name, and lived in Seattle.

After returning home to Denver the band was reincarnated to it's current state. Made up of Tayler Doyle (guitar / fiddle), Dustin Peterson (drums), Dan Bueller (steel / dobro), and Brad Grear (bass / mandolin). The original recordings will be released in the Fall of 2017 and the album will be titled in tribute to the Seattle born ‘Sister Boy’.

Five Mile Woods

Five Mile Woods is Jackie Zubrzycki

$10.00 - $12.00

Off Sale

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