Daniel Romano & the Jazz Police

Daniel Romano

Musician, producer and visual artist

Shotgun Jimmie

Shotgun Jimmie is a world-traveller and a natural born entertainer. His four solo albums (including 2010's Polaris Nominated Transistor Sister (You've Changed Records) and relentless touring have earned him an enthusiastic and loyal audience; he's a member of John K Samson's Provincial Band, and released split records with Joel Plaskett, Ladyhawk, and Attack In Black. He's the real deal, duders.

What do people say about a Shotgun Jimmie show? Mostly stuff like: "How do we feel? Here's how: We feel like each of us just got high-fived so hard that our finger-bones shattered. We're all nursing our poor hands, & grinning." (Sean Michaels, Said the Gramaphone)

What do people say about Shotgun Jimmie's tunes? Things like: "He sounds like Jonathan Richman jamming with Eric's Trip at a Wes Anderson's house." (Joel Plaskett)



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