Pete Donnelly Trio

Pete Donnelly Trio

Pete Donnelly is a Philadelphia/Southern New Jersey-based songwriter, musician and producer. A dynamic and engaging performer whose songs are both poignant and light-hearted, Donnelly is a founding member of the Figgs, who have a worldwide fan base and a lengthy discography, and is also an honorary member of the legendary band NRBQ. Pete’s Music is built upon sturdy pop melodies, and played with a genuine sense of care, Donnelly’s songs are testaments to his artistry.

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Charming Snakes

Welcome to the misfits lounge...

A forgotten place. The type of place where the air hangs still with the dried out memories of hopes long since dashed. It's littered with the broken hearted and the just plain broken, who somehow happen to hide in the shadows away from the glaring sun beaming in through windows that are never looked out of. A sun which doesn't so much offer redemption, but serve as a constant reminder of a world outside where their kind just doesn't fit in.

A relic of a man, bearing a striking resemblance to Henry Chanaski, painfully gets up from the bar and slowly shuffles over to a juke box that looks like it hasn't seen life in years. He drops a coin into the slot with a look on his face like he's about to smoke his last cigarette. The juke blares to life and the room fills with the insane joyous laughter of the broken. This is their soundtrack…"



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