Typesetter, Bradley Palermo, Stay Wild, Spanish Love Songs

Typesetter is a band from Chicago, IL. They are influenced by punk, indie rock, shoegaze and noise rock. Since 2012 the band has played 250+ shows in the US, Canada, and Europe. Their latest release, EP "5," came out in May 2016 on Black Numbers.

Bradley Palermo is a veteran singer-songwriter and champion of the slogan "folk as fuck." He is commonly known as playing in the band The Sudden Passion and plays visceral, emotional americana that relies heavily on story telling and introspection.

Pro-Feminism, Pro-LGBTQ Equality, Pro-Animal Rights, Pro-Coffee.

Spanish Love Songs

Spanish Love Songs is a five piece punk band from Los Angeles, CA. Their sound combines the energy of drunken bar shows with the immediacy of intimate, lived-in lyrics. They’ve most recently signed with Wiretap records, and reissued their self-released album, “Giant Sings the Blues,” in February 2016. Most accessible for fans of: boxed wine, divorce, crushing self-doubt.



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