Originated in Denton, Texas, Oaktopia is a two festival that showcases the best and most diverse experience in art and music. This festival combines chart-topping and critically acclaimed music acts with art, events, vendors and activities. Oaktopia was voted the Best Festival of 2015 and 2016 by the Dallas Observer (Dallas Observer Music Awards) and the Best Music Festival by The Dentonite (Dentons Arts & Music Awards).

At a time when the DJ sits firmly at the center of popular culture, A-Trak stands out as MVP, the key participant who holds together all facets of the craft. Very few share his mastery of turntablism while also sitting at the forefront of musical innovation, looking keenly to the future with history tucked in his back pocket. A true connector, Trizzy hops effortlessly from colossal festival stages to sold-out concert venues and sweaty underground clubs, building links between hip hop and electronic music while watching genre barriers crumble.

Electronic dance music legends Infected Mushroom are best known for their sonic innovations and pioneering of the Psychedelic Trance genre. Twice ranked amongst the world’s “10 Best DJ’s” by DJ Magazine (the bible of the EDM scene), and with over 14 million hits on YouTube and a #8 position on the Billboard charts, the Israel-bred, L.A. based duo Amit “Duvdev” Duvdevani and Erez Eisen have created one of the most powerful kingdoms in the world of dance music.

Following the success of Infected’s 2009 album “The Legend of the Black Shawarma”, Erez and Duvdev delivered their most multi-faceted electronic album to date with “Army of Mushrooms” in 2012 on Dim Mak Records. More recently, the duo released “CVII”, a long-awaited sequel to their critically acclaimed 2003 album “Converting Vegetarians”.

Adoring fans continue to congregate en masse for Infected Mushroom’s averaged 120 show/year tour. Their jaw-dropping live performances never fail to impress with psychedelic visuals, their trademark enigmatic vocals, hypnotic arrangements, and psy-trippy synthetic rhythms.

Infected Mushroom continues to sell out shows around the globe and all walks of life gather in attendance for the same reason: to experience the world’s greatest Psy-Trance band of the decade.

Juicy The Emissary

Juicy the Emissary is a musician from Denton, TX.

As a producer and composer, he has worked with University of North Texas, Dish Nation, and Impractical Jokers as well as independent artists like Opio, Vast Aire, and Bonnie Whitmore.

As an artist, his latest release Attention Kmart Choppers on Street Corner Music flips old Kmart in-store tapes into something new. It was awarded an artist microgrant from the Greater Denton Arts Council and received some praise:

“He took the basics of chopping and looping samples and turned it into something way more musical, plus the way all of the tracks connect to one another is pretty genius.” - Black Milk

“I can honestly tell you that I have never seen a concept executed so flawlessly. Especially an instrumental concept album.” - House Shoes

He currently DJs and gigs with various groups regularly in the DFW area, playing Electronic, Hip Hop, Country, Latin, Hawaiian, and Punk, and works out of his studio in Denton.

DJ T-Walk

Denton-based DJ.

The John Stewart

Dallas-based DJ.


DFW based artist.



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