Black Adidas (Record Release), FOE, J. Bonigno, All Systems Know

Black Adidas isn’t in the business of nostalgia.

Harnessing the blue-collar aesthetic of his native Burbank, CA, Courtney Ranshaw – AKA Black Adidas – churns out rugged punk rock that nods slyly to its origins without beating listeners over the head with replica or reproduction. Instead, he invites you on a sonic victory lap around the best version of punk history, paying homage to his own influences while carefully acknowledging their sway over a generation of musicians.

And, true to form, his music is unfettered. It’s uncluttered. It’s rough and tumble, and ready to go. His debut single, unabashedly titled Free Shit, is no exception. Without miring the music in commentary, Black Adidas takes aim at the prevalence of corporate sponsorship, mainstream music, and society in general.

Complete with roguish delivery and an attention to detail that overrides the deceptively simple arrangements, Free Shit is a testament to punk rock living up to its own hype – a tangible demonstration of all the genre can offer when it conceives a new box within the ever-expanding stratums of contemporary music and then thinks outside it.

After 5 consecutive years of SXSW appearances, multiple releases with mathy rockers Sea Engine, and years playing around the Austin indie circuit, J.Bonigno released the critically acclaimed DIY pop-rock Life Gets In The Way in 2015. Following a move to Los Angeles and joining the ranks of the iconic tastemakers KCRW, J.Bonigno has clearly hit his creative stride on Dos - and his solo career is just getting started.

Somewhere between the bustling streets of Madrid, the tranquil suburbs of Dallas, and his home studio in the Echo Park hillside lies the sound of J. Bonigno, a refreshing stroke Los Angeles indie scene. On his second full-length record, Dos, the multi-instrumentalist reflects upon the duality of his upbringing-split between his family across the vibrant towns of Spain and the charming serenity of the Texas plains. ‘Dos’ takes on the format of a double EP - the first five tracks deliver punchy lyrical slack-rock reminiscent of a Courtney Barnett, and the back five 5 songs transitioning to piano centric ballads, full of reflective, moody chords that recall the likes of solo contemporaries Tobias Jesso Jr. and Andy Shauf. "Dos" brings to light a personal account of growing older as an American immigrant in 2017.

All Systems Know is a Santa Monica, CA based rock band. Formed in 2016, All Systems Know presents a unique sound that Music Connection Magazine called “an intriguing and often uncomfortable mix of punk and prog-rock”. The band is fronted by singer Marcelo Silva, whose melodic influences include Anthony Green, Brandon Boyd, Lucas Guerra, and Faith +1. Guitarist and notorious Cuban coffee addict Max Kane has experimental stylings not unlike those of Jimmy Page or Omar Rodriguez-Lopez. James Syme, the band’s drummer and sentient Hatch green chile, derives influences from a wide array of music, from rock and jazz fusion to hip-hop and R&B. All Systems Know is just as politically minded as they are dance-y, they’ll take you for a journey to outer space, but also around the corner for coffee.

Hailing from Los Angeles, FOE harkens back to a day when rock and roll was visceral and raw, honest and powerful; they play with the ferocity borne of people that want truth and heart and speakers so loud you lose your hearing for days on end. The brotherhood and camaraderie is clear and apparent in every note they generate. FOE wants everyone along for the ride—everyone who misses loud, unapologetic rock and roll, this is the band you need.



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