Dai Burger

Dai Burger

The Breasts. The Hair. The Music. There’s no better way to describe Downtown’s best kept secret. Born and raised in Queens, this girl is lyrically equipped with endless and relentless sassy “girl” raps, distinct singing, and a stage performance like none other. Between her raunchy styles, twerk-a-licious dancers and outfits made specifically to drop jaws, Dai Burger’s presence on the New York underground music scene is becom- ing harder to ignore. Dai Burger has already made her stamp on the industry as a back-up dancer touring the U.S with Hip-Hop recording artist Lil’ Mama. But it wasn’t long before realizing the spotlight was her very own calling. You can catch this N.Y. native, ripping stages from the east to the west coast, hosting parties, styling at Patricia Field Boutique NYC or just being your local Downtown / Internet celebrity.

Dai Burger is a Hip-Pop star, fashion icon, trendsetter and your not-so-typical role model! Dai Burger’s lyrics boast of female empowerment and sexual liberation for all. She masters the art of appealing to her core audience, all while entertaining and gaining the attention of corporate industry officials. Her fan base rang- ing from New York to Los Angeles, with recent requests pouring in from overseas, including but not limited to Canada, London and Italy! Dai Burger’s growing success can be attributed to her numerous mixtapes and videos which drove the Internet into Burger Frenzies! Her debut mixtape, “MyMixxxyTape” with the hit single “Wild Thing” and its vividly sexy and fun video, first got the tri-state tuning in. She then followed up with “Raw Burger the LP” sporting a beach body and oozing burger as cover art, and it then was clear; The Burger Brand was not to be underestimated. Her latest “IN YA MOUF” (2014) has really upped the ante, gaining Dai notoriety on larger scales than ever before! With “Souffle” as the lead single and a video truly worthy of being premiered via Interview Magazine, The release of “IN YA MOUF” was so highly-anticipated, it was released via Complex Magazine. Dai Burger has been featured as Rolling Stone’s Artist to Watch (2014) as well as being named one of the Top 5 Female Rappers of 2014 by the notable Refinery29. The lists goes on andon...

Appearing on numerous Instagram timelines, fans flooding her Twitter and Tumblr with questions and re- quests for more Burger, she has no intentions of letting down her fan base which has recently quadrupled in numbers! Dai Burger is your true to life NYC it-girl. “Why the name Burger?”, everyone asks. She’ll tell you “Just look at me. Everything I do, I eat. Not to mention I’m all about my cheese, my lettuce and my bread! I’m out here serving this up daily!”

It’s lunch time children, and Dai Burger’s here to feed you all until you’re full. Hope you’re hungry. . .


Marcelline is an Cameroonian born interdisciplinary artist working with performance, sound, text and video. In their performance scores and Dj sets they use various melodies and rhythms to convey both the hard and soft facets of their Black femininity. They hope to conjure up a spiritual experience for their listeners during their live sets.

DJ Delish

DJ Delish is a DJ and Music Producer who has performed alongside Faith Evans, Spankrock, Junglepussy, and recently rocked the house at the eaux claire festival. She [preferred pronoun] was named top producers to watch one year after debuting in 2013. A noted force in the International Dance and Ballroom force, Delish can be found DJing the main function, the after-math and the afterhours.

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