Mike Liegel, The Nomadic, Afternoon Men, Liquor Radio

Mike Liegel

Mike Liegel is a singer, musician, and songwriter with an expressive voice and soulful
appeal. He grew up in the rural suburban town of Oak Ridge, New Jersey, where he first
started learning the piano at age seven. A highly touted baseball prospect, throughout his
life Mike balanced his two passions – baseball and music – enjoying great success in both.
When not competing athletically, Mike worked side by side with his father constructing a
recording studio in the backyard of his childhood home. This studio, reminiscent of an old
barn, became a place of creative solitude where Mike wrote and developed many of his
early songs. After an injury derailed his promising collegiate baseball career, Mike took a
step back to re-devote himself to his first love; songwriting.

A product of the diversity of New York City, the band plays alternative rock tinged by the blues & electronic pop

Afternoon Men

Afternoon Men is a five-piece, New York-based rock band. Their songs cycle through a range of styles you might find on a jukebox—Sinatra to Springsteen, bar rock to electro-pop—but these influences are as much a narrative force as a part of their sound. Overarching stories link one song to the next, featuring a reappearing cast of characters whose taste in music plays the starring role in how they kill their time.

Liquor Radio

They began gathering on a hill and wishing it was a mountain. Each evening they climbed that hill and each night after the sunset they came down, crossed the field, and returned to the shores were murky water waves crash on beaches of infinite salt and sand.

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