The World/Inferno Friendship Society

The World/Inferno Friendship Society

The World/Inferno Friendship Society, a gang of dangerous loonies who like to break things, is coming to your town. Bringing their newest album, “This Packed Funeral” released on California based Alternative Tentacles Records in the band's unique punk rock cabaret style, the ten tracks on the LP feature their signature critically acclaimed romantic tangoing/violent break up inducing mayhem while expanding previously unexplored territory combining contrapuntal fugue, the rhythmic percussion of a New Orleans Funeral March and classic the hardcore punk sounds of Code Of Honor, TSOL and The Damned.

The World/Inferno Friendship Society consist of 7 to 13 members who enthusiastically delight in encouraging all who identify as youth, both young and old, to change the system. They come armed with cascading piano, ace saxophones, snarling guitars, low B bass, and whomever else gets in the bus. The World/Inferno Friendship Society is fronted by Jack Terricloth, who had his exploits profiled in the NY Times Arts Section for the multi-media stage version of the group’s record “Addicted to Bad Ideas”

WORLD/INFERNO FRIENDSHIP SOCIETY combine their skills to create a style that is equal parts punk, soul, klezmer and jazz, featuring horns, piano, guitar and a lot of boys and girls with very sharp teeth with a must-see stage charisma rivaling Slim Cessna's Auto Club. The ensemble has over 40 members, Joining Terricloth once more, is co-founding member of this bizarre gang of dangerous loonies, Scott Hollingsworth, is back and in the producer's/piano stool and will be touring with the band on keys.

The band has been making beautiful, orchestral punk rock records since 1995, They originally signed with the eerily prescient NJ Hardcore label Gern Blandsten (Ted Leo, Radio 4, Rorschach, The Liars) with whom they released 2 albums: “The True Story of The Bridgewater Astral League”(1997), “Just The Best Party” (2002) and a gang of singles which were compiled on “East Coast Super Sound Punk of Today!” (2000). They have toured incessantly for the last 20 years, prompting one NPR spokesman to comment that the amount of jobs they have been fired from to go on the road would be “enough to save the present economy”.

The premiere South Floridian folk punk pool party of 2k17.

Teenage Halloween

Teenage Halloween are a power pop band full of diverse and different individuals with one hopeful goal of creating inclusivity and respect within show environments. Most songs feature topics of queer empowerment and political revolt. With jangly guitars, shreddy leads, fuzzy bass and more, they create a full sound for the ears to interpret how it would like. For three years, the group has been ran and fronted by Luke Henderiks (vocals / guitar) & Brandon Hakim (saxophone) , with many different lineup changes and instrumentation, they have always functioned as the team behind booking, organizing and writing the music. The current and longest lineup of the band consists of Henderiks, Hakim, Kevin Sabik on trumpet, Lynn Tuimil on bass, Brian DeSeno on drums, Danni Ciminnisi on keyboards & vocals, Eli Frank on lead guitar & Connor Egan on trombone. They are influenced by Big Star, Jeff Rosenstock, Weezer, Tiger Trap and The Breeders to name a few. With members from New Paltz NY, Philadelphia PA, Ashburn VA, New Brunswick, Queens NY, Sea Girt NJ and more, they still manage to get together and play as many shows as possible.



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