Incredible Change

Incredible Change

Incredible Change brings you synth-laden wizardry for your dancing feet. Channeling voices from your head and then incredibly singing them out loud. Influenced by Italian house and early Factory Records, Incredible Change moves your body. Incredible Change evokes narratives with energy flowing quasi-hooks, syncopated rhythms, and dashes of chorus-drenched guitar. This sonic advent calendar contains Brock Boss (form. Ra Ra Rasputin), Aiva, Greg Balleza (form. Vita Ruins), Paul Burgess, and Julian Agbro.

After meeting at a lawn mower repairman convention, each member discovered they had a previous freon addiction they had each incredibly overcome. They thus began Incredible Change and went on to win the Myspace Ultimate Myspace Band Challenge © in 2020, only to travel back in time to this incredible year in order to elicit kinetic vibrations and "spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings" that you can channel into your Aether!



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