Charlie Faye & The Fayettes

Charlie Faye & the Fayettes craft smart soul-pop that merges the swinging, swaying sound and style of ‘60s girl groups with a modern vibe that’s so current, they’re dancing to the forefront of a retro revival. Yes, Charlie Faye is ready to launch another movement. And the time is right … for dancing. Austin trio features Charlie Faye, BettySoo and Akina Adderley.

Charlie Faye’s workshop will be focused on the business side of music: marketing, recording, and self-management. Charlie Faye is known for having an innovative way of doing things. She put herself on the map back in 2010 when she did a 10-month residency tour living in a different city each month, putting together a new band of local musicians, and recording a new song in each city. Now, her new band Charlie Faye & The Fayettes has garnered major media attention and critical praise, rising into the top 20 on the Americana Radio Chart and getting songs placed in major network television shows. Charlie often does consulting for other independent artists, using her knowledge to help other musicians get their projects off the ground. She works with newbies who are releasing a record for the first time, and experienced artists who have been in the business for decades but need help because they no longer have a traditional label or manager behind them. Many artists are great at the art but hesitant when it comes to the business side of things. Charlie will answer questions about recording and releasing an album, marketing, publicity, radio promo, sync licensing, self-management, and efficient touring, among other topics.

$22.50 - $25.00


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