Pookie, The Six Sevens, Sanderlings

Playing music in small, cramped, and overly personal spaces, mostly for our own enjoyment and because it's fun to say, "hey, we're in a band". sweatcore™

The Six Sevens

The Six Sevens are an indie/pop-punk band from Santa Barbara, CA started up by 5 seniors at the UC in the small town of Isla Vista.
- Clay Wilson, Adrian de Vos, Bobby Weiss, Jordan Crosby, Brendan Mansfield

Bright eyed and full of wonder, Sanderlings charges into life with a vigor and energy unparalleled. Blending Surf and Pop-punk (think The Beach Boys meets The Replacements) they set out to entice you to experience life to the fullest and expand the boundaries set around you. With an energetic live performance and wild demeanor they will deliver on the promise set from the first bass kick, "this is going to be fun!"


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