SOJA - Poetry in Motion 2018 Tour

"Few observers of global affairs can translate their thoughts into well-crafted songs offering profound yet poetic statements fueled by righteous rage and delivered with rock star bravura, qualities that distinguish SOJA from their contemporaries and have put them at the forefront of the proliferating American reggae movement. The band's multi-layered sonic tapestry, as strikingly complex as Hemphill's lyrics, combine varying elements of rock, country, folk, hip-hop, and jazz influences with occasional Latin, hardcore and Washington D.C.'s go-go flourishes into a distinctive reggae identity that's wholly appreciated through repeated listening and provides a compelling dynamism to their live performances."

RDGLDGRN (pronounced Red Gold Green) is an American band based out of Reston, Virginia (a suburb of Washington, DC) that was formed in 2011.


Red (Marcus Parham) - Guitar
Gold (Andrei Busuioceanu) - Bass
Green (Pierre Desrosiers) - Vocals


$17.00 - $49.00



645 Propaganjah
9:00 SOJA

DONT BE LATE ! and if you are jonesing for some pregame food truck food, head over to the food truck rally down the street at High Dive which starts at 5pm. We will also have Off the Griddle, Dank Cakes, and Endless Summer onsite here at Heartwood.

Parking is located in tue Baird Center at the NE corner of Depot and Main St, next door at the Poole Building ($5), or 1 block north at GRU building. 

18 or over, or All Ages unless accompanied by parent/guardian supervision at all times. Children under 12 are not suggested.

Outdoor venue - Rain or Shine show !

No pets, no coolers. No outside food or drink. Food and drinks av

$3 under 21 fee charged at the door

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