Odesza Afterparty with Essonite + Malakai w/ Frank Siracha at Silk City


Essonite is the product of decades of samples given new life with organic sound design, modular synthesis, and live instrumentation. Essonite fuels a new, progressive era of artists, and music that is composed to invoke raw emotion.
'Essonite' is the brain child of Martin Esser and Will Loftus, who met when living together in Philadelphia. Similar interests in making original music with the intention of formatting live instruments to an electronic domain found them creating music together, eventually enlisting the help of Alec Powell to become Essonite’s full time drummer. The group features modular sounds, vinyl modification, and a musical environment and organization by Martin, with guitar from Will.
The duo has been compared to the likes of Big Gigantic, and Pretty Lights, all of whom serve as influences for the group. Their first official single, "Move Like This", was featured on Dancing Astronaut's "Launchpad" playlist.

"Combining hip hop, electronic beats, and the consistent groove of a live band, the two have bridged the gap to create a project similar in sound to acts like Break Science and Marvel Years...We see a truly bright future for these young phenoms, as their musical talent and creativity shine through their sound in a way that many up and coming acts have not found yet."
-The Musies

“What we've drawn from the conversations we've had with them, is that these guys are about as serious about the music they are making as serious can get. They stressed to us the overarching importance of keeping intact the passion and love for their art that inspired them to begin experimenting with sound in the first place.”

"Enough For Me" revolves around a sample from an old 45 record and the drums you hear are a sampled break overlaid unto their drummers own groove. Everything from the production work, to Skyblew's flow is simply flawless.
This is a definite shortcut to happiness.”


MALAKAI is the musical vision of Colorado/New York based producer and multi-instrumentalist, Malakai Linden. His music draws on many influences and strives to bridge the gap between electronic and acoustic styles, incorporating the sounds of real instruments into beautiful electronic beats. MALAKAI’s live show includes beats mixed with live guitar and other instrumentation. He began producing music in 2011 at the age of 17 under the guidance of acclaimed producer Derek VanScoten (D.V.S*, Cloudchord). Having recently finished up his degree in Music Technology and Audio Engineering at New York University, MALAKAI is looking to the future with a number of new projects on his plate. He recently teamed up with several other New York City based musicians and artists to form It’s Gonna Be Alright – Arts Collective, a group dedicated to bringing people together with forward thinking beats and visual art. At only 22, he’s already been asked to play with nationally renowned artists such as The Polish Ambassador, Random Rab, David Murphy of STS9, D.V.S* (Cloudchord), Emancipator, Michal Menert and Purity Ring. You can read an interview with MALAKAI here: http://www.tastethedrop.com/2013/06/interview-malakai-downtempo-chillectro.html Visit MALAKAI online for more info and updates!

Frank Siracha



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