Winterruption 2018: Mo Kenney, Lindi Ortega, Megan Nash

Mo Kenney, born 1990, is a Canadian singer and songwriter from Waverley, Nova Scotia.

Lindi Ortega

Canadian singer songwriter.

Singer/songwriter from Saskatchewan, Canada.

$30.00 - $37.00


We are pleased to bring Winterruption back for a third year. As part of the 2018 RFF Concert Series and with a taste of the summer Festival itself, we at the RFF have partnered with The Broadway Theatre in Saskatoon to present 3 wonderful days of musical warmth on some of the coldest days of the year. On Jan. 18-20 Regina will get a whole lot cooler thanks to Winterruption.

$2.00 of the Service Charge goes to support our School Outreach Programs. For more information, visit our website.

 Info: 306-757-0308 or

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