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The Burned

“I can hear music in the stars/I can paint pictures with my voice,” claims singer/ songwriter Kurt Baumann in “Music in the Stars,” one of the songs on The Burned, the name of his solo debut project, the result of a lifetime chasing his muse.
Born in San Antonio, and growing up in a rural East Texas town, his parents separating when he was three, Kurt and his sister lived their teen years with their father, an airline pilot who once worked for the Prime Minister of Lebanon, in such exotic locales as Saudi Arabia and Germany. As a child, his favorite singer was Willie Nelson, but he also listened to master storytellers like Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson before his sister turned him on to New Wave Rock, eventually drawing him to bands such as The Cure, Depeche Mode and Jane’s Addiction. Although he played in a grunge-style punk garage band while in Germany, then was a member of the popular jam band Kan’nal he traveled a long road to write his solo bow that took him to a mystical, transcendent experience in an abandoned mining town tucked away among the mountains of Mexico where The Burned was born.
“People have described my music as kind of spooky and dark,” says Baumann, much of its inspiration coming from the parched terrain of his home state
that has produced a musical melting pot of
country, blues, soul, rock, R&B and psychedelic
sounds. “I needed to fulfill this vision by going back to my Texas roots.”
A vocalist from the time he could walk, Kurt would sing country songs for his elementary school show-and-tell, always knowing he had a stage presence, but it wasn’t until he gave up music, traveled to Mexico, and had a number of explorative journeys and experiences that he found he had something to write about.
“I wanted to find a deeper thing within myself to present to the world,” he says.

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