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The Burned unfolds a fiery new chapter in 2018

Fronted by singer-songwriter Kurt Baumann, roots-rock band The Burned first exploded onto the music scene in 2010 with a celebrated self-titled debut. Now, some years later, the band is hoping to reignite its loyal fan base as it works on brand new music for release in 2018.

Early Success
Listeners appreciated The Burned for its evocative tales, proclaiming the album “fantastic” and “worth every penny.” Television and radio responded well, too, with “Man Running" featured on NBC's hit show Chase, "Make Believe" on CW's Gossip Girl, and "Time" on ABC's Make It or Break It. "Hard Lesson" became a most requested song (2012, KINK in Portland, Ore.) and settled in at number 3 on Seattle’s The Mountain. Critics raved, including Skope Magazine’s Diana Olson who wrote, “It's rare when music and lyrics reach down and touch your soul. So rare, I can't remember the last time it happened to me. Suddenly, I am sitting here mesmerized by The Burned. Thought-provoking, current day lyrics are combined with mellow, acoustic and electronic sounds that extend themselves creating visual experiences that transcend definition.”

Regarding that first album, Denver Post’s The Know described the band’s impact as revolving largely around its front man. “While you might not have heard of The Burned yet, its mastermind, Kurt Baumann, is no newcomer … [He] has fronted psychedelic world music outfit Kan’Nal for a decade … The Burned finds Baumann exploring his domesticated side… at its heart, The Burned is a pop rock project that draws on blues and R&B influences and mines at least three decades of expansive, progressive rock for its challenging-yet-accessible sound.”

The Burned’s acclaimed first chapter had fans clamoring for live shows. Indeed, that first album (largely studio-based) was a success story that surprised even Baumann, who has since pulled together a full touring band to both record and perform the band’s new music.

A Story Develops
Baumann’s writing style has evolved with the years, too. While in the spirit of the debut album, his new songs exhibit the storytelling, rootsy feel of epic ballads heard during his Texas childhood. He affectionately recalls “the Outlaw Country music scene,” with music by the likes of Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, and Waylon Jennings.

“In the past, my writing has been esoteric,” explains Baumann, “and while I love mysterious songs that are open to individual interpretation, sometimes people are confused about the meaning. The new songs have been great fun to write in that they revive classic storytelling, but with rock tones and textures added along the way.”

Take “Old Bones,” for instance, a ballad inspired by a real conversation between Baumann and his grandmother. One afternoon in eastern Texas, she confided wistfully, “You know, Kurt, the problem with today is kids don’t care and the old folks are dying.” The writer took note of this cruel dichotomy and later brought it to life in a song that people of all ages can relate to. Another song on the coming album, “Trigger,” recounts the true story of a man who learns the hard way that he can live through losing the love of his life.

Of Baumann’s writing, The Burned’s bass guitarist Kevin Columby notes, “His songs conjure images of wild fires and dying embers and the thoughts that come when you stay awake all night, alone, under a big sky of stars.”

With such resonating stories to tell and a sound so uniquely its own, The Burned is energized and eager to share from the stage what it has long been capturing in the studio. “As a band,” says Columby, “we've synchronized in that rare way that makes musical space for your ears to listen, your heart to smolder, and for your body to move."

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