Mike Ramsey

Mike Ramsey, after spending most of his life playing in various bands of all styles, finally stumbled upon a Martin Guitar, and a love of songwriting. Releasing is first EP, Between a View of the Moon, in 2015, he has been playing is songs up and down the east coast. Now in his early 30's with a new batch of songs, he is currently working on a new record due in 2018.

Gabrielle Sophia

One summer, Gabrielle Sophia, guided by a spark of curiosity, began playing an old guitar in the house. From then on, she began playing the guitar and singing, skills that aided songwriting. Within country songs, she found comfort in the music and lyrics. She began regularly performing at local coffee shops and open mics at the age of 14, and continued ever since.

As she interacted with experienced musicians and became increasingly involved in the music scene, her talent matured. Songwriting became a way to deal with difficult emotions and share her perspective of the world. As her lyrics became more personal, her music did as well. She began to write songs that fell in the spectrum of folk and mirrored the artists she listened to.

Currently at age 17, she is the 2017 winner of the Queen City Awards Youth Artist of the year. She also has spent the past months recording a seven song EP titled "Unhinged Peace.” As she looks towards the future, she is excited to continue learning about the music production process, but especially to expand her songs musically and lyrically.

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