China / Herman Düne

China (the country) has 1.357 billion people. China (the band ) only has Jeff Moller, Michael James Tapscott, Jacob Aranda and Raphi Gottesman.

Herman Düne

French duo (since André Herman Dune left the band in 2006), formed in 1999.

David-Ivar Herman Dune: guitars, vocals
Néman Herman Dune: drums, backing vocals

Saint Paint

Saint Paint is a new band from percussionist Corey Fogel (Julia Holter, Mae Shi), guitarist/singer Jason Golday (Forget Me Nauts, Mad Gregs) and multi-instrumentalist Daniel Eaton (Zola Jesus, Cloud Eye Control). Familiar pop skeletons yarn-bombed with unusual, fractured arrangements and free improvisation. Kraut disco jazz ballads woven with analog synthesizers, trombones, guitar loops, vocoders, and minimal drums.



8:30 DOORS

Set Times will be posted on Instagram the day of show

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