My Chemical Romance Tribute: !DEAD!

My Chemical Romance Tribute: !DEAD!

!DEAD! is the premier North East tribute band of My Chemical Romance made up from members from Observe the 93rd, An Early Ending, Minshara and Madison Ryan. Known for capturing the explosive energy of an actual MCR show, this band brings nostalgic feeling back like its 2005. With crushing vocals delivered from Derek Henery (OT93) combined with the massive guitars from Greg Hildebrand (AEE/MR), Stephen Bollock, and Brandon Vartenisian (AEE) they leave no harmonized guitar lick untouched. holding down the ever present keys is Bob Richardson. On Bass is Tom Hand (Minshara). And the man that holds it all together on the drums is Logan Summey (AEE)

Don't miss your chance to relive some of MCR's greatest hits preformed by !DEAD!

Black Lagoon



$12 in advance, or $16 cash at the door. 

$5 Food & Beverage Minimum collected in cash at door for ages under 21; Voucher redeemable in restaurant. 

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