Snail Mail

Snail Mail

Snail Mail is the Baltimore based indie rock solo project of 17 year old, Lindsey Jordan. She released a six song EP titled, “Habit,” on DC punks Priests’ Sister Polygon Records in July of 2016. The record features a full band with Shawn Durham on drums and Ryan Vieira on bass.

In their “Best New Track” review for the EPs opening track “Thinning”, Pitchfork describes Jordan as possessing a voice that “sounds like it’s coming from a distance, perfect for a song with lines about wanting to lie face down on the floor for a whole year and the triumph of wasting time”.

In addition to her standout vocal abilities, Jordan is a classically trained guitarist of twelve years and experiments often with various guitar tunings and techniques in order to generate Snail Mail’s unique sound.

Lomelda is a band from Waco, TX. Lead by the songwriting of Hannah Read, the group creates music that is both accessible and exploratory, nostalgic and challenging. Read's simple guitar stylings range from mellow, woody rhythmic patterns to heavy droning textures, while the dynamic drumming of Zach Daniel adds weight to the subtleties of the songs. It's all about the same things: communication, comedic timing, anger management, memory making/retention, etc. – the usual. It's pop-sensitive, soul drone, sentimental space rock.

They currently have limited knowledge of html / css, but they are doing their best to get acquainted with it (also currently youtube researching modular synthesis and nyc – and happy to receive info from experts, hobbyists, whoever – see contact info). What is the internet? What is forever? What is Lomelda?

Lomelda's first full length LP – Forever – documents a collection of those moments that seem to hold it all. In hindsight, of course. As inspired by geography and potamology, the album moves you from place to place and flows from song to song. Forever was released on October 30, 2015, via Punctum Records.

Fits is the music project of Nicholas Cummins. Now with arrangements from Brian Orante, Emma Witmer and Joe Galarraga, the four-piece combines punky spaz-pop, droning loops and hooky melodies into a heartfelt, dizzying power-pop romp.


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