Mobb Deep's Havoc

As golden age rap suddenly gave way to West Coast gangsta in the early '90s, an East Coast variety of hardcore rap arose in turn, with Mobb Deep initially standing tall as one of New York's hardcore figureheads on the basis of their epochal album The Infamous. Released in April 1995, The Infamous was released almost exactly a year after Illmatic and about a half year after Ready to Die -- the debut masterpieces of Nas and the Notorious B.I.G., respectively, both albums likewise of momentous significance for East Coast hardcore rap. On The Infamous, Mobb Deep (comprised of Prodigy and Havoc) set the tone for future generations of hardcore New York rappers, from G-Unit to Dipset. Subsequent releases from the duo were likewise influential, especially Hell on Earth (1996). However, by the late '90s, Mobb Deep was no longer setting trends; in fact, they seemed to be following them, and they lost some of their stature as subsequent generations of hardcore rappers arose. For a few years, Mobb Deep struggled to reclaim their commercial standing, until they eventually drifted into the G-Unit camp, where they signed a lucrative deal to join 50 Cent and company. Blood Money (2006), Mobb Deep's first release under the G-Unit banner, rekindled interest in the veteran duo, who enjoyed a substantial uptick in sales and airplay.
Now, with the passing of Prodigy, Havoc celebrates his legacy.

Big Noyd

Big Noyd's debut was his verse on Mobb Deep's song "Give Up The Goods (Just Step)" from The Infamous album. He started the second verse with the line: "Yo, it's the r-a-double-p-e-r n-o-y-d…" He received his first contract, for $300,000, because of that verse. His debut album, Episodes of a Hustla, was released in 1996 on Tommy Boy Records. In 2003, Big Noyd returned with his second album, Only The Strong. In 2004, Big Noyd released his third album, On The Grind. In 2008 Big Noyd released Illustrious through his own label Noyd Inc. and distributed through E1 Entertainment.

Avenue Music Group

Created by Zack Kahn & Max L Beats, the Avenue Music Group is a team of visionaries based out of North Jersey and Philadelphia, PA. Just doing our thing and it happens to work. We are all about the art of the industry and making connections. If you truly want to know the AvE then you should know that our music is a reflection of who we are. Our goal is to express that to our fans and make a difference in lives. This team will rise with Hip-Hop's new generation at its finest advocating that next level Hip-Hop that's worth listening through thoroughly should be played at a loud volume.

Erko Bandz

PJayVe and MrYoungAddis



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