Chris Volz – Vocals
Jason Daunt - Guitar
Ryan Jurhs – Bass
Corey Sturgill – Drums
Ask anyone who has ever been in a band, and they’ll tell you. Being in a band is hard. Making it work for 20 years? That is really, really hard.
This has certainly been the case for Louisville, KY-based metal band FLAW. The band has seen multiple line-up changes over the years, however the core of Chris Volz (vocals) and Jason Daunt (guitar) remain as the creative driving force of poised to re-emerge on the strength of their finest set of recordings to date. The band has signed a deal with Pavement Entertainment, and is set to release Divided We Fall on August 19, 2016.
FLAW’s story began with the independent release of home-grown albums American Arrogance (1996), Flaw (1998) and Drama (2000). It was the songs on these recordings that garnered the attention of Universal Republic Records, who signed the band and released the break-through Through The Eyes in 2001. The offering topped the Billboard "Heatseekers" chart, largely fueled by the singles "Payback" and "Whole." The band then followed-up with an album entitled Endangered Species via Republic in 2004, but soon thereafter the band went through personnel changes and ended their relationship with the label. Volz stayed creative, releasing a critically acclaimed solo record, and also touring aggressively with the band Five.Bolt.Main. The band’s tumultuous relationship with themselves, and their label, were reflected in their songs. It was the life and energy captured in these songs that propelled the band forward. It was always FLAW fans’ connection to their songs that carried the band on. “We would not be where we are today without our hardcore fans,” says Volz. “The Flaw Family is the backbone of everything we do, and we cannot wait to get out and tour in support of this new record”.
FLAW a band that is re-emerging on the strength of renewed focus and energy, and that energy is captured on the lead single from “Divided We Fall”, a song called “Live and Breathe” that is a vessel of raw human experience and emotion. The band has waited 12 years to release a proper album, to rally and come together. They trust that together, FLAW can accomplish great things, and their fans are poised and ready to answer the call.

With the numerous touring nationals GI9 has been honored to share the stage with a lot of local bands, home and abroad. The response is unbelievable. No matter where they play, there is a level of respect gained from everyone. The bands, the national crews, house crew and fans all respect the music and the vibe that surrounds it. Gi9 was brought together, not only as a band, but as a crew of individuals with 30+ years in the industry; bartending, bar backing, security, production and every other job in between.

The band has been approached with offers such as film scores, national tours, festivals, and countless support where ever they go. Without ever hearing the band, club owners know to get the bars fully stocked when GI9 is on the bill.

From a couch the band has erupted and placed the desire for more in the eyes of people across the nation; while retaining its fundamental roots. They play each show and practice as if it could be there last and yet maintain the energy that it is their first.


KryptiD is a 3 piece metal band from Cecil County, MD. They mix together many different heavy influences to create a unique hardcore sound. They draw inspiration from groove metal, New York hardcore, rap-metal and thrash metal. Their lyrics contain a positive message of unity and perseverance. KryptiD strives to play as many shows as possible and get their metal to the masses. In their short existence, they've opened for national and international artists such as Hed PE, dope, Psychostick, Anybody Killa, Green Jelly, Sicktanick, Razakel and It Lies Within.

Stone Brew

Formed in May of 2015, consisting of John Wayne on Vocals, Chris Granville on Guitar, Kody Vaughn on Bass, and George Southerland on Drums. Together they create the heavy and groovy sounds of Stone Brew. With a Blues and Rock n Roll inspiration thrown in with a twist of doom and sludge, the aggressive tone of Stone Brew will have you begging for more.

$15.00 - $17.00


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