Lawrence Parker (born August 20, 1965 in Brooklyn, NY, United States), better known by his stage name KRS-One, is an American MC and producer. His name is an acronym of "Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone".

Over his career, he has been known by several pseudonyms including "Kris Parker," "The Blastmaster," "The Teacha," and "The Philosopher." At the 2008 BET Awards, KRS-One was the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award for all his work and effort towards the Stop the Violence Movement as well as the overall pioneering of hip-hop music and culture.

LS Camp

The LS Camp has been making true hip hop music in western mass for over 20 years. Raw and uncut pure hip hop! District Epitome and Mike Malik.

P.So the Earth Tone King

Tang Sauce was recently mentioned as a torch bearer for the direction that hip hop is going by Abiodun of the legendary Last Poets.

Tang was born and raised in Hartford, CT and the Greater Hartford area. He has been involved in the Hartford arts scene for years involved in productions like The Wiz, A Raisin In The Sun, and Night Fall. He has hosted the Trinity International Hip Hop Festival, has his own station, and has been featured on the cover of Connecticut newspaper CTNOW. Tang brings an old school Hip-Hop flow with a new school perspective, with which he spreads peace, love, and positivity.

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Hawks & Reed Performing Arts Center and The Enthusiast are proud to present a man of many names: the Hip Hop Temple preacher, the Teacha, MC Battle champion the Blastmaster, and the legendary hip hop pioneer - KRS-One

Bringing the best of Boom Bap Rap, the man-turned-myth has turned out numerous hits and classic hip hop anthems any hip hop head has in his collection - Sound Of Da Police, MC’s Act Like They Don’t Know, South Bronx, & My Philosophy to name a few. He has worked with such names as BDP, Scott La Rock, Marley Marl, LL Cool J, Public Enemy Talib Kweli, Immortal Technique, and R.E.M.

Please join us in welcoming to Greenfield this keeper of culture, Teller of Tales, and overall pioneer of hip hop music and culture in concert, on Saturday, November 11.

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