Aversed, Circuitry, Dead City Crown, Animist, Suaka

Aversed is an extreme melodic metal five piece hailing from Boston, USA, striving to weave a hybrid of brutality and elegance for all fans of heavy music. Their musical style couples dark, smooth clean vocals and classic death gutturals over thrash and death metal riffs, combining progressive and soulful melodies with the abrasiveness of extreme metal.

Circuitry surges signature electricity into modern heavy music. Years of experimentation in multiple genres have resulted in a potent, debilitating groove to which there is no known antidote. Fusing elements of modern progressive metal with classic metalcore, death, and catchy hooks, Circuitry strive to present their signature sound to an audience inundated with EDM and hip hop.

Dead City Crown

Melodic Death Metal from North Jersey

Music that incorporates many genres runs the risk of lacking a unified sound. This is not the case with New York's 5-piece metal act, Animist. Despite taking influence from a myriad of styles, Animist's music remains cohesive through its foundation in emotionally-charged metal.

Suaka was born in the summer of 2001. With heavy metal as the main element from the beginning, they have infused their music (and will continue to do so) with Indonesian traditional music through creative explorations of various indigenous Indonesian melodies.



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