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One of the earliest US black metal bands. Paul Ledney, Aragon Amori and Brett Makowski were three original Incantation members who left that band in 1990 due to artistic differences. They formed Profanatica that same year with John Gelso, who had previously played in Abomination and Toten with Paul Ledney. The band recorded two demos and some material for the upcoming French label Osmose Productions before splitting up in 1992. Paul Ledney reformed the band in 2001 with two new members. John Gelso rejoined the band in 2007 but left again in 2016.


Black deathrash from Seattle, Washington. Formed in 2006.

Canadian Blackened Death Metal band formed in 2008 (Vancouver, British Columbia).
Members of Mitochondrion, Morbid Surgeon, Tusk....


Human Agony

Legendary Death Metal act Incantation was formed in the US in 1989 by John McEntee (guitar, vocals) and Paul Ledney (drums). They were soon joined by Arogon Amori (bass) and Brett Mackowski (guitar) whom they recorded their first demo with. John was left alone since the others left and headed in a Black Metal direction. People came and went and in 1992 they released their first full-length album, "Onward to Golgotha". The second album, "Mortal Throne of Nazarene", came in 1994.

The band has experienced a wealth of line-up changes, but has managed to survive and continue to release albums. John McEntee is the only original member left, he has managed to keep the band alive.

John McEntee and his wife Jill (Daily) McEntee are also in a band called Funerus.

Witches Hammer

Death metal band from Portland, OR

Hellfire Deathcult

Raw Chaotic Black Metal from the U.S. featuring members of Ov Plagues & Infernal Sacrament & Luciferum

Crust/Death Metal band from Vancouver, Canada



One of the first truly extreme Metal bands, not only in Canada but around the world, BLASPHEMY invokes a large degree of respect. Founded back in 1984, the band is often cited as being a pioneer of the Death/Black 'War Metal' sound. After a demo and two very well received albums, the band had cemented their legacy very quickly. Their importance has been affirmed by the number of times those two legendary albums, 'Fallen Angel Of Doom'' and Gods Of War' have been issued and reissued around the world. They set a standard that many still follow today.

Black Witchery

Black/death metal band from the US. Initially formed in 1990, the band was named Irreverent from 1991 to 1996, then changed their name to Witchery from 1996 to 1999. As there were other bands of the same name, the name was then changed to Black Witchery.



Black/death metal band from Portland, Oregon, US.




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