The Toasters

American ska band, active since 1981.

Half Past Two

the Lexicons

Neo-Traditional Ska by some fellas that have been around since the 80's and 90's and have seen the scene start to come back around. Lex and Mike Fish (Steady Ups, Filibuster) were keeping it real in the 90's in Sacramento when the Third Wave Circus was starting to take away from the Roots that WE stay true too. Jah Josh Kotner has been a D.J. and performer in the Ska scene since No Doubt was Ska Band, and played Bass for the Skylarkers, a great Rocksteady band from San Diego in the 90's. You will also see some blazing solos from our Big Chingoon Ritchie. He really gets some of the Cumbia and Latin soul goin on that guitar! We love it! Just sayin...Roots Is Roots!



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