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US-American punk band formed in 1979 in Huntington Beach, California. The original lineup consisted of Jack Grisham (vocals), Ron Emory (guitar), Mike Roche (bass), and Todd Barnes (drums). Starting out as a politically-tinged hardcore punk band, the group moved towards horror themes and are considered by some as an influence on the early deathrock scene. The original lineup stayed together through 1983, recording 2 EPs and 2 LPs. Barnes and Grisham departed in '83 and were replaced by Mitch Dean and Joe Wood who was Grisham's brother-in-law, at the time. The Wood and Dean line up continued to record and release music throughout the 80s, shifting towards hard rock. Emory and Roche eventually dropped out, leaving the band with no original members. The original lineup reunited for some live gigs in 1991 but were unable to use the T.S.O.L. name since it was now controlled by Wood and Dean. Wood continued to tour under the T.S.O.L. banner throughout the 1990s, mostly in South America. In 1999 Emory, Grisham, and Roche regained control of the band name, and have continued to tour and occasionally record ever since. Barnes died from a brain aneurysm in 1999 after years of addiction issues.

Jack Grisham (vocals, 1979-84, 1991, 1999-present)
Ron Emory (guitar, 1979-90, 1991, 1999-present)
Mike Roche (bass, 1979-90, 1991, 1999-present)
Todd Barnes (drums, 1979-84, 1991)
Greg Kuehn (keyboards, 1982-84, 2003)
Jay Bentley (bass, 1983)
Joe Wood (vocals, 1984-91)
Mitch Dean (drums, 1984-91)
Marshall Rohner (1990)
Jay O'Brien (drums, 2001)
Billy Blaze (drums, 2003)
David Bianco (guitar, percussion, 2003)
Travis Johnson (drums, 2004-present)

Ill Repute

An American hardcore punk band from Oxnard, California, formed in 1981, they are noted for popularizing the “Nardcore" sound in the mid-1980s hardcore punk scene. With countless great albums released on Mystic and Dr. Strange Records, as well as their breakout single "Clean Cut American Kid" featured on Rodney on the Roq III, IR has become widely known as the ambassadors of Nardcore.
They are still performing today with three original founding members, Jim Callahan, John Phaneuf and Tony Cortez. Their drummer Chuck Shultz has been with them for over nine years.
On this special occasion, the band will be performing their classic 1984 full length album What Happens Next in its entirety to commemorate the 30th anniversary. This is a must see!

Stalag 13

Stalag 13 is a punk-hardcore straight edge band formed in 1980 in Oxnard, California. In 1983, the band recorded their first demo entitled simply Stalag 13, followed by the next year's In Control on the label Upstart Records (later reissued by Dr. Strange Records). The group performed various concerts with Circle Jerks, Vandals, and Social Distortion to name a few. Gaining national and even world wide recognition, they have always been revered as one of the big 4 (Ill Repute, Stalag 13, Agression, and Dr. Know) to come out of Ventura County. Following the departure of original singer Ron Baird, new vocalist and scene legend John Crerar (The Missing 23rd, Stop Breathing, T.F.W.) is now fronting the band and has added a whole new spark to the Stalag legacy.

the boxheads

Members: Barrett (Flow Ders Now) Murphy - Vocals. ex- Pornstar, Boxheads, Grateful Dead ( not as much of a band slut as the rest ) Alan (Alpo) Duncan - Guitar. ex - RKL, Rat Pack, Under The Weather, Porn Star, Bad Neighbor, Rolling Stones, The Byrds, Mamas and the Pappas and lots more !! Todd ( T.Roll ) Roll - Guitar/Bass. ex - RKL, Rat Pack, Bad Neighbor, Sancho, Exit 86, The Fagz, The Who, Bjork, Sha-Na-Na and more !!! Pete (Big Daddy Hog Nuts) Gardner - Bass/Guitar. ex - Buck Wild, Versus the World, Threatend Hope, Cruster, Good Old Goleta Boys, V.O.S., My Ass, The Monkees, Journey, ABBA and Lots Lots more Raul (The Gardener) Lopez - Drums. ex. Threatend Hope, Porn Star, My Ass, Romperoom, Tiffany, Duran Duran, Frankie Goes to Hollywood and so on.....

The Bastards

English punk group formed in Yorkshire in 1983. And in the following years, the Bastards became part of the UK punk community. With influences like Sex Pistols, and the Clash. In 1990, The Bastards pack their bags and left their home country for Los Angeles and never look back. With Al Simpson on guitar, Daz Simpson on base and vocals. And Tyler Hayden on drums. The Bastards might be one of the most overlooked an underrated punk bands to emerge from the scene!
And with phenomenal response here in the states, we welcome them to Ventura, bringing amazing high energy to both parks old and new!

$20.00 - $25.00


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