LPR Presents: Strange Names

Strange Names

Strange Names is the New York-based new wave trio of Liam Benzvi, Francis Ximenez, and F. Pontus Aleckson. Their pop is a polished breed: a surging euphoria of funk guitar-work, synthesizers, and righteous vocal hooks that bring to mind INXS and The B-52's. In 2015, they toured with Azealia Banks in support of their first full length album, Use Your Time Wisely. They have since spent time writing and self producing their anticipated sophomore effort, out in early 2018 on Frenchkiss Records (The Drums, Bloc Party).

FRAME is Caitlin Frame who currently records and resides in Brooklyn, NY. Composing songs of love gone awry and anxious thoughts, all emotion untangles with her mature pop-sensibility. Her debut single, "Run Around" strung us along for a ride of growing pains while simultaneously adding a sense of comfort. A neoteric blanket covers and lulls you with wistful lyrics while somehow striking a chord much deeper.

The project is a sophisticated pop statement that immediately grabs your attention with spunky hooks and gritty vocals. Entirely self-produced and recorded, visualize an eminent self-assurance syndicated with 70's soft-rock and R&B influences. All displaying an illumined taste of what forthcoming album, POLARIZER beholds; due in summer of 2014.


Tmboy, the combined forces of Sarah Aument and Will Shore, creates dark, mysterious, and melodic electronic music. Aument’s honest and exposed lyrics fall into melodies, igniting small moments of bliss among a whirlwind of propulsive rhythms and organic textures created by Shore’s amplified vibraphone and marimba. Juxtaposing vocals over heavy-hitting production, Tmboy is both experimental and pop, heavy and delicate, masculine and feminine. The duo released its first EP in the spring of 2015 and currently have an unreleased full length.

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