Daniel Thomas, DJ Treadway

Daniel Thomas

One early morning in December 1989, Daniel Thomas was born. Hailing from New York City's backyard, the North Jersey native built a passion for music at a very young age. His father was in a southern rock band, which gave the budding musician exposure to various aspects of music. Daniel Thomas knew that he would follow in his fathers footsteps and become a musician. The divorce of his parents led his relocation many times throughout New Jersey. Times were rough and his mother had to work multiple jobs at a time in order to feed her three children and keep a roof over their head. From her hard work and dedication, Daniel Thomas learned that in order to get somewhere in life, one must dedicate their energy to what drives them within. After some years of struggle life started to take its course, however a strong focus on music was number one in his mind over anything else. During the late hours of the night he endlessly practices the art of writing and music production. This often leads to losing many hours of rest, struggles of keeping relationships stable and holding a job that consisted of 60 hour work weeks, but he will prevail. His practice, dedication and patience has led Daniel Thomas to some recent victories in the industry. Daniel Thomas has successfully headlined multiple shows at Webster Hall, as well as opened for acts such as Juicy J, ASAP FerG, Modson and Mac Miller. The passions of current artists drove Daniel Thomas to love hip-hop: real MC's put everything into their music by constantly takings risks in their art. He is currently working on his new project titled King, No Crown part II following the success of his last projects, King, No Crown, presented by culture icon Karmaloop, and debut mixtape Minor League Major.

DJ Treadway

Recording artist/producer/engineer



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