BAT PUSSY - Philadelphia Premiere

BAT PUSSY - Philadelphia Premiere

PhilaMOCA is “celebrating” the release of the new JUSTICE LEAGUE movie with the Philly Premiere of the legendary XXX spoof BAT PUSSY!

Considered to be the first X-rated parody, BAT PUSSY is as lurid and tasteless as its title implies. Put another way: it’s the mess-terpiece of your wildest dreams…and also your most horrifying nightmares. The citizens of Gothum City are under attack by smut filmmakers and only one hero can help! Bat Pussy (Dora Dildo) hangs out in her secret headquarters (aka an outhouse). When her “twat begins to twitch,” warning her of imminent crime, Bat Pussy hops on her Holy Hippity-Hop to foil the grotesque sex schemes of un-happily married couple Buddy and Sam! The unidentified lunatic filmmakers of BAT PUSSY have never been located, providing further proof that this movie was most likely made by extraterrestrials.

Prior to the 55 minute feature, Sci-Fi Explosion’s Chris Cummins will present a 30 minute program of wacky and wild Batman-related video oddities!

$10 admission, no refunds or exchanges.



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