Introduction to Mountain Dulcimer w/DJ Hamouris

Introduction to Mountain Dulcimer

Mountain Dulcimer is one of the easiest & most fulfilling instruments to play. Once it's tuned you can hardly make a mistake. And though it's beautiful with "high piney" tunes from the Appalachian Mountains, it also lends itself to more contemporary music like The Beatles & Leonard Cohen.

In these 6 classes you learn 2 tunings, a couple of tunes each meeting, how to follow dulcimer tablature, some chords and strums to help you out with your musical pursuits. Once you've done that, you can join in on jams & ensemble classes Deborah offers.

NOTE: You will need a dulcimer for this class. If you need to borrow one, I have 3 loaners which must be reserved prior to the first class. To purchase one yourself, I recommend looking for the following brands, new or used: Sweetwwods, Folkcraft, Folk Roots, Capritaurus, McSpadden, Blue Lion. Sweetwoods offers a student model for $125.00, new, which you can trade in on another model. Write me at for more info on this important choice.

DJ Hamouris

Teacher, Deborah Hamouris, has played mountain dulcimer since 1979 and taught it for over a decade. She has a BA in Music and gets excited about teaching music. Deborah currently directs Women & Song and the Berkeley Dulcimer Orchestra. She founded the annual Berkeley Dulcimer Gathering at the Freight & Salvage, scheduled for 5/5/18. She recently finished recording "1 in 8" with jazz guitarist Mimi Fox, coming out in December.

$130 Early Bird before 10/31/17/$140 Regular


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