Jordan Klassen

Jordan Klassen

Is there such a thing as unsentimental sincerity? If so, this could be it. A resonate warmth carries Klassen's crafted, literate lyrics through vivid images and stories. Repentance juxtaposes a multi-textured simplicity with a trembling confidence and a fresh familiarity. Playful and wise, vast and intimate, the album travels from the jubilant in "Go to Me" and "Piano Brother" to the quiet intensity of "The Horses are Stuck" and "Strengthen Me With Raisins." These are songs that fuse melody and poetry, stinging the imagination and summoning forgotten emotion. Having been named a Canadian act to watch in 2014 by CBC Music, and with an upcoming showcase at SXSW and other festivals in the works, this year is expected to be a big one for Klassen.


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