World Press Photo Exhibition 2017

World Press Photo Foundation

$10.00 - $25.00


Photographs have a way of cutting through preconceived notions and getting to what’s real. Come see the year’s prize-winning photojournalism on display at the Dupont Underground!

Partnering with leading think-tanks, universities, embassies, international-, media-, and civil society organizations we will explore the stories behind the photos through events at the exhibition and throughout the city.

The photographs covers everything from contemporary issues and general news to nature and sport. The images will be thought provoking and confrontational as well as beautiful. Some news photography will be graphic and may not be appropriate, especially for younger viewers.

Side exhibitions will be on display from National Public Radio and the International Women’s Media Foundation. The Inter-American Development Bank will also host a 3- month long side-exhibition of World Press Photo Masterclass photos.


Upcoming Events
Dupont Underground