Ice Balloons

Ice Balloons

10 Best Bands of 2013 – New York Observer “brilliant band of bizarros” –Village Voice
“This lurching, fuzzed-out act – fronted, naturally by a half-man, half fly creature–is just the thing to make you feel you’ve stepped into another dimension.”
–New York Observer “el futuro de la musica” –Indie Rocks, Mexico
Brooklyn Based Ice Balloons’ eight-song debut EP came out in October of 2013, featuring the track Night Slave that had a video release on Vice/Noisey the following month. The band is a hodgepodge of musicians -Sean Powell (FuckEmos), Kyp Malone (TV on the Radio), Dan Scinta, Rob Bryn (Wild Yaks) Giselle Reiber (Midnight Masses), B.A. Miale and a common fly on vocals – but more in a garage punk synth-noise vein than any of the bands from which the members derive.
In live shows, Ice Balloons strive for maximum spectacle, with video projections (B.A. Miale), piña-colada scented smoke and a whirl of chaotic noises, all grounded by a 60’s garage punk skeleton.


Hailing from an H Class planet far across the cosmic highways, BÊNNÍ is "hi NRG New Age" music. A pivotal member of bands Wizzard Sleeve/Gary Wrong Group, Heavy Lids, Roman Gabriel Todd's BRUOOTS, and many more, Bênní was born from his personal need of new music to listen to while driving his space craft long distances. Tired of listening to Van Halen's "5150" and Zebra's self titled album on his journeys, he began creating sci fi landscapes and ethereal soundtracks of his own. Often times primitive, BÊNNÍ's music can go from Vangelis, to John Carpenter, to 80s dungeon electro band Warning and into vintage arcade game circuitry with the blink of an eye. With his first LP release, BÊNNÍ will be embarking on a Euro/Scandinavian tour in August with US Tours close behind. Previous cassette released on AVRCRC.

Aquarian Blood

American lo-fi punk duo from Memphis, Tennessee.


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