The Couch Bombs (EP Release & Birthday Bash)

The Couch Bombs

The Couch Bombs emerged after the ending of the ska band, Hatrick Penry. The bassist/guitarist Ian Rosenstein was looking to begin a new project during June of 2013 when he met up with his longtime friend Paul Fatur. They had been in previous bands together and Ian knew he needed a bass player. Ian called up Jake Johnson, former band mate of Hatrick Penry to play bass. Drummer Mason Kolodziej joined the band in late February 2014 and gives the band its music an aggressive and dynamic quality. The sound of The Couch Bombs is driving, energized and authentic punk rock.

The music brings a new perspective and originality to the deifying genre of punk.

Poor Me

Poor Me is a five-piece hardcore, pop-punk outfit from Denver, CO. The group formed in November of 2010 after Nick and Brett met at a POG and Slammer swap. While attending the University of Wyoming, they soon met Mike. After some awkward and sweaty sessions in Nick's basement, the three wrote a song. It was arguably bad. Soon, the gang was playing some boring shows, eating a lot of mediocre pizza, and they made $50 one time.

The next two years were wrought with finding musical direction, releasing the 'Monsters Do Exist EP,' and closely watching the International POG Circuit dwindle into obscurity. More shows were played, including features with Touché Amoré, I The Mighty, Teenage Bottlerocket, The Queers, and The Sidekicks. These shows were less boring, the pizza was better, but the financials are none of your business.

The gang was out of their shell, releasing their first full-length, 'Readymade,' in 2013. The album was met with positive reviews. The others were ignored.

"I love it when I come across new, great sounding bands...Readymade kicks some serious ass. I highly recommend you check it out." - Dying Scene

"They are talented. They do have strong song writing, and also the ability to bring back the word 'emo' with pride. There is also enough hard-hitting edge that you're not left crying in the corner...Stay tuned to see what's next for Poor Me. I suspect only good things." - For the Love of Punk

Poor Me did more things; new members, new songs, new yacht. Nick got a new haircut one time. The addition of GIR (a.k.a. NotNick) and Jason was like a POG face up, a decisive victory for the group. For fans of Jawbreaker, Bad Religion, Hot Watermelon (Poor Me's HWM cover band), Red City Radio, the 6th season of Lost, and Rise Against, Poor Me produces upbeat, satirical commentary, fused with driving, catchy melodies, altogether saturated by subliminal whitewashing.

Rotten Reputation

Punk band from Denver, Colorado

Mean Machine

Mile High Punk Rock


This is OkStupid!

A Pop-Punk band that formed in January of 2016 between friends, and brand new room-mates Andrew Vessey and Travis Nelson. After discussing their mutual passion for music, they realized they should form a band that made music that they would want to hear. Names such as Rancid, The Offspring, The Transplants, and Bad Religion were thrown around, along with the idea of creating something new, something fun. Something sarcastic and edgy. Something STUPID.

Jacob Nelson eagerly joined in February. When asked why he was so particularly interested in playing for OkStupid, Jacob said "I was looking for something that wasn't as serious. I want to be in a band that is FUN! That people can listen and enjoy not only the music, but themselves..." He then proceeded to wink suggestively. With his addition, he brought along Corey Wheeler, a true mastermind behind the kit. With Corey's talent and expertise, OkStupid raised the bar even higher than originally set. Subsequently, we now are aware of jokes about Corey and raising bars. Ask us about them.

OkStupid has booked many shows, and is releasing their Self Titled album, "OkStupid", on July 8th. They are currently booking a DIY tour to support the new album.

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