New Year's Eve: Barika (original and Fela Kuti sets) ft. members of Movement of the People w/ special guests Sabouyouma

Barika is a 6 piece funky, dubbed out, psychedelic West African flavored band from Burlington, Vermont. The group is led by Craig Myers who, in addition to leading Barika on the N'Goni, is also a current member of the Mike Gordon Band, and was one of the original founding members of Rubblebucket. He has performed alongside many artists and bands including Midnight, Toubab Krewe, Djeneba Seck, and John Brown's Body.


Ousmane Camara was born in the small village of Bahdi Tundon, in Guinea, Conakry-West Africa. Ousmane is the 6th generation Griot, a keeper of culture and history through music. Griots passed the messages from the king throughout the kingdom, before pen and paper, and continue to play an important role in West Africa.
At the age of seven, Ousmane left his family's home to go live with his teacher, Djeli Sana Camara. He would live, and study with his teacher for the next 15 years. Ousmane has traveled throughout the African Continent, earned a diploma in Algeria for Musical Excellence, and taught students from around the World.
Ousmane moved to Vermont in 2011, and is very excited about Sabouyouma, and is happy to share his music and culture.

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