Born and raised in SE, Washington, D.C. ANKHLEJOHN is the golden gift the city has been missing as far as true hip hop goes. Bringing the true sound of the 90s golden era bended with current day topics, ANKH plays on his versatility making himself pretty much a chameleon in all rap styles. His main style reflects the gritty and dark boom bap very similar to what the early Wu Tang and Mobb Deep did with 36th Chambers and The Infamous. In fact, even though ANKH is a thoroughbred all around Washingtonian, it’s not hard to tell his style of music is heavily influenced by the New York 90s.

Other than the music on wax, another very special quality ANKH presents are his live performances. Much animated, super energetic and more than confident, ANKH stage presence is top tier as he has first placed every competition that was decided by multiple judges of industry influences. As a business-man, ANKH also has experiences with curating his own events giving other artist the opportunity to showcase as well. ANKH is very personal with his music as he chooses his features, which is close to none very wisely.

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