Maddie Ross, Ren Farren, Matt Koelsch

- 24-years-old
- California native, currently in LA
- why is asking women to smile more a thing?
- why is dudes singing badly but writing their name in all caps a thing
- yes to all cheeseburgers
- no thank you to metaphors about boomerangs and tidal waves and being haunted
- yes to anything Jenny Lewis, Courtney Barnett, Gwen Stefani, Amy Poehler
- always dying for a new favorite band
-WILL ask to hold your baby
- cries at all commercials and most good music
- hobbies: taking photos, making moscow mules and pasta for friends, reading non-fiction about anthropology and work ethic, and making myself furious reading comments on trending news articles
- will always keep talking and can't tell a story without using my hands
- started doing yoga as a new years resolution; can't touch my toes but overall very much enjoy it
- music by me, my girlfriend and our dog

Ren Farren is an LA native making lyrical California indie pop that your little sister and your dad are equally likely to enjoy. Billboard accused her of blending "boy bands and Britney with storytelling folk" and she was really into it. You might've heard her music on New Girl or Friends from College or The Young and the Restless. She has two EPs out and is recording a third, and has worked with electropop outfit Goldroom as well as BFFs and killer producers Wolfy and Brian Robert Jones. She is writing this, even though she refers to herself in the third person. She loves you <3

A passionate and thoughtful singer/songwriter, Matt Koelsch ['kel-sh’] has built his musical career around stirring lyrics, percolating rhythms, and soaring vocals. His songs strike a chord with listeners as he draws inspiration from the gains, losses and adventures throughout his life growing up in New England.

During the height of the recession Koelsch took a leap of faith from his anchored position in the world of finance into the unknown, turbulent music industry and has been pursuing his passion as a full-time recording and performing artist in Los Angeles, California. Koelsch reflects on a particular moment during this transforming period, “I walked out of the doors of the financial building in Post Office square, I had this feeling of an enormous sense of relief, freedom and uncertainty”.

Koelsch’s latest EP, entitled ‘Thinking of You’ was co-produced with Eugene Toale (Kanye West, Las Cafeteras). The EP was influenced by time and place, the result of being 3,000 miles away from home and the rollercoaster lifestyle of being submersed within the vibrant and diverse city of Los Angeles. "Being in this setting during my late 20’s early 30’s has affected my writing because it has made me more vulnerable” reveals Koelsch. "There is more time and space to explore and discover when you are in a completely new and foreign setting, removed from the comforts of your close network of relationships”.

With a wide-ranging catalog of subject matter including but not limited to the current state of ‘Wall Street’ to a relaxing day in the ‘Waves’ at the beach, ‘Running With The Bulls’ in Pamplona and heartbreak, Koelsch delivers passionate performances filled with falsetto, guitar and whistle solos as he brings his own flavor to the indie/folk/pop genre.

Leading single Perfectly Aligned showcases Koelsch’s catchy vocals and upbeat, dance-worthy melodies, it creates the perfect summer anthem. Thinking of You is a heart-achingly romantic ballad, with yearning lyrics, simple guitar melodies and soothing rhythms, Koelsch delivers a sweet tune that is relatable for all the romantics.

Koelsch’s achievements to date include selling thousands of physical records/CD’s, performing over 170 shows per year, winning a scholarship to Berklee College of Music, as well as sharing the stage with members of legendary bands such as REM, Pink Floyd and Toto.



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