After the wild ride of the early noughties, Satanicide finally called it quits. Devlin went on to become one of Rock's top photographers, under the alias Dale May. And Aleister, under the alias Phil Costello, went on to form Tragedy: All Metal Tribute to the Bee Gees, and Diamond snake (with Moby). Fast forward to 2016. Satanicide is back with live shows and a new record in the works. Joining Devlin and Aleister are their bandmates Sloth Vader (drums) and the Baron Klaus von Goaten IV (bass). The band's old motto, "Never has so much cock graced a single stage," remains true to this day. That is largely because their cocks are older, wiser, and possibly even longer. Do not miss Satanicide first Connecticut appearance at Cafe Nine, it's the type of show that will be imprinted in your memory cells for decades.

The Zambonis

"On paper, it sounds like a novelty: an album of songs that celebrate hockey. But in the hands of The Zambonis (a pop-rock quartet named after the ice-grooming machine), the concept is elevated to an art form that won't melt under the heat of critics or music fans. Despite the specificity of the album's theme, The Zambonis rock out like the best power pop units. What's more, they have a sense of humor about themselves…A timely and surprisingly appealing release."


"They're actually funny and actually rock!"

--Time Out New York

"Their new record is as goofy, poppy and puck-obsessed as their previous two…Hockey heads and indie rock fans, you'll love these guys!"

--ESPN Magazine

"The Zambonis may sound like a simple novelty act, but it scores repeatedly with a bunch of snappy little power-pop songs. Even if you wouldn't know what a slapshot was if it hit you in the face, you'll cheer."

--The New Yorker

"The Zamboni is a massive machine used to smooth the ice at hockey rinks, but these days the name has a much cooler reference.

--Mike ("Doc") Emrick, NHL Commentator

"I love The Zambonis!"

--Alexei Kovalev, New York Rangers

"The most insidious threat to Canadian hockey hegemony is…a quirky power pop band called The Zambonis."

--The National Post (Canada)

"You wacky singing hockey nuts!"

--Bobby Orr

"With a repertoire comprised exclusively of hockey songs, you'd think they're destined for a short run: A cult band singing about a cult sport…but their cult is getting noticed."

--The Village Voice

"My day ended on a phenomenally high note. I went to see The Zambonis, who are the best power pop band ever to sing songs about hockey."

"There's something weirdly affable about a bunch of guys who love hockey so much, they've dedicated a band to it."

--The Village Voice

"Like a beach party on ice!"

--Jonathan Richman

"Dude, I love The Zambonis."

--Ben Kweller

The Hymans

Gabba Gabba (New)HEY(van)!
Formed in 2005, The Hymans are the Elm City’s first Ramones tribute band. Taking their pseudonyms from Joey’s real name (Jeff Hyman), these bruddahs get into character…way into character. Leather jackets, knee hole pants, this ain’t no high school dance.They walk, talk, and look like the original boys from Queens.

The Hymans are Ramones fanatics who play all the stuff...and more. Songs from the early days to “Adios Amigos” are incorporated into their ear-splitting, foot- shuffling set. Just like the real Ramones, The Hymans sometimes rotate their line-up. Unlike the real Ramones, they only play for very special occasions.

The original line-up of cretins making up the band are: Vocals: Mikey, aka Live Mike formerly of The Defcon Five and Model Chaser, Bass: J. Jay, aka John Meah of the Hulls and the Dial Tones, Drums: Bobby, aka Bob Rock of the Hulls, Saint Cobra, Shelter Dogs and many more bands, Guitar: Matty, aka Matt Wilson of The Wagon Riders, Titles, The Back and Forth of Courage, and literally shit loads of other great bands. Don’t be a pinhead no more!!! Leave home and see The Hymans.

$12.00- $15.00


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