Since the inception of his career in 1989 with his debut album “Boomin Words From Hell”, Detroit music legend Esham has shunned conventional industry rules while carving an unprecedented career for himself as the originator of “Acid Rap”. Esham is a maniacal, self-produced emcee with a penchant for hardcore lyrical content and unlimited styles. With 50+ different solo and group projects under his belt, he is also the President of his own independent record label, Reel Life Productions.

Esham drops original, groundbreaking projects at a frantic pace with each album offering a dramatic difference in creative vision from the last. The rhymes drip with scathing religious and political commentary while often diving deep into the description of the perilous Detroit underworld. Esham consistently pushes the envelope with new lyrical inventions and distorted musical concoctions designed to leave his fans with an auditory high.

Scum's legacy began in 1995 when he moved from Moscow, Russia to Denver, Colorado. The motivation behind his departure from Russia was the mandatory draft that he was facing and the possibility of getting shot at for 2 years while making practically no money. That option didn't appeal to him so Scum had to stick to his motto – "If you can't get paid for it, it's not worth doing" and shake the spot. Shortly after arriving to Colorado he discovered the world of underground rap, being heavily influenced by such extreme rap acts as Esham, Doomsday Productions, Ganxsta Nip, Brotha Lynch Hung and Insane Poetry and Natas. He began writing rhymes in Russian while trying to get his English vocabulary up to the level, which would allow him to write raps in it. In 1998, he founded DL (Denver Lowlifes) with DJ Sevill and in 1999 they released their 6 track "On the Edge" demo, which was recorded at Wicked Creations Studio. Shortly after the demo was out, Scum was joined by Kasper of EWT to form LnG in 2000. Lyrikal Snuff Productionz was born. While working on their debut album, Scum was also involved in another horrorcore project – The Underground Cult, which broke up shortly after recording their "Insanity" Demo. Finally after many delays LnG's "Lyrikal Snuff" which was scheduled for release in 2001 was released in early 2002. As soon as it hit the stores, the drama began. Due to its graphic and violent content the CD was banned by a variety of stores and distribution companies resulting in the duo having a hard time trying to find venues, which would allow them to perform. Due to all those difficulties and the growing tension between Scum and Kasper on the personal level they decided that it was time to go their separate ways and LnG broke up in the fall of 2002 half way through the recording of their sophomore album – "Murderous Intentions." At that point Scum decided to pursue his solo career and after recording the "Solitary Confinement" and "Forced Suicide" demos in the last months of 2002 he hooked up with a local producer named Airtight, who produced his "Lethal Overdose" demo and his debut solo release "Enter the Asylum" which hit the stores in 2003. Later that year, Scum parted ways with Airtight Entertainment and moved on to release his self produced "Violent Verses" CD in 2004. It was time for Scum to hit the stage and that exactly what he did. Gore Hop (the word Scum uses to describe his style) listeners saw Scum performing with a variety of local and out of state acts. From small 21 and up clubs to larger all age venues, Scum did them all. During that time he signed a few local acts to LSP but felt that none of them had the dedication that he was seeking and eventually they were all released from the label. All but one. Borey a.k.a. Red Rhino who was featured on all of Scum's solo releases turned out to be what Scum describes as "Our most deadly lyrical weapon". Scum was so impressed with his skills, both live and in the studio that he went on to engineer and mix Borey's debut CD which was released on Lyrikal Snuff Productions in January of 2006 along with Scum's "Only Bodies Left Behind" CD which got delayed due to its extreme and disturbing artwork being rejected by 3 manufacturers before being pressed by MBC in Canada. "Only Bodies Left Behind" show Scum's tremendous growth as an artist both delivery wise and lyrically. The album features the work of 7 different producers and collaborations with a variety of established underground acts. All 3 of Scum's solo albums along with Borey's "Firzt Impulze" and LnG's "Lyrikal Snuff" are widely distributed in Colorado and in select states as well as online but unfortunately lack the worldwide distribution that is needed to introduce the underground fans all over the world to Scum's disturbing yet creative art. Meanwhile, 2006 is turning out to be a very good year for Scum and the rest of LSP with numerous shows, a variety of compilations and CD's featuring Scum being released, limited but increasing radio play, and an upcoming US Tour which will feature Scum and Borey performing with an undisclosed national act. There are rumors of another act being signed to LSP in the near future. Scum is also scheduled to hit the studio this fall to start recording for his next album and with a steadily growing fan base, increasing CD sales fueled by his dedication, productivity and total lack of sanity during live performances there is no stopping for Scum…not anytime soon! The Era of Dinner's Served is upon us!

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