Momma's Boy, Jim Button & The Beholders, Scout

Indie surf band from Kansas City.

Peter Beatty - guitar/vocals
Shaun Crowley - guitar/vocals
Quinn Hernandez - drums
Anthony Hernandez - bass

Jim Button & The Beholders

They emerged from the ether to travel upon those sacred sonic landscapes where many had traveled before them… a weathered group of intrepid souls. They call themselves Jim Button & the Beholders. Four riders upon the cosmic highway, blending sounds from various sources of inspiration across the spectrum of rock & roll, pop, psychedelia and any other aural pleasures that they feel so inclined to venture. “My main focus is to somehow make sense of being alive and to translate what that means to me,” Button plainly states.

In early summer of 2017, Jim Button (main vox, guitars) brought a handful of songs into the studio to see what he, Vincent Lawhon (guitars, recording engineer), and Jerad Meadows (drums, percussion, backup vox) could make of the tracks. After rapidly finishing nine songs (with Jim & Vincent sharing bass duties on the initial recordings), the trio realized they needed a full-time bass player and contacted Bryan Koehler to handle the task. And so, what started as a recording project between good friends soon turned into a fully formed idea and a band was born. Many fruit cocktail towers and popsicles from the local Mexican joint ensued.

With previous musical experience in such notable midwestern bands as The Conquerors (Jim & Vincent), El Rey-Tones (Bryan) and BLEACHBLOODZ (Jerad & Vincent), the group has collectively been through the ringer and out the other side. Jim has also written songs and released solo material for many years in projects under the monikers CONTINENTS, James Button and now Jim Button & the Beholders. “I just want to write great songs that make you feel something”, Button exclaims. So keep an ear to the ground for the future of these magnetic voyagers.

Members: Jim Button – Guitar/Vox, Vincent Lawhon – Guitair, Jerad Meadows – Drums/Backup Vox, & Bryan Koehler – Bass


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