Sun System - "Strange Ways We Meet" EP Release

Sun System

What would it sound like if the bands Brand New and Saves the Day were produced by the members of Ride and the Cocteau Twins fed on a healthy diet of Phil Spector and symphonic post-rock? In hopes of providing the world with an answer, Sun System implements the tension, abrasion, and earnestness of their high school angst-ridden idols into the sonic formatting of their Creation Records forebears to produce a wall of sound that both hypnotizes and infects the listener. This five-piece band from Phoenix, Arizona places great value in melody and discord to provide the listener a dynamic view of the duality of popular music and the human experience as a whole. Combining intricate stage projections with an immersive and impassioned live performance, these “Valley of the Sun” natives are proof that emotion and melody are the currency of well-crafted and executed song writing.

Panic Baby

Phoenix rock quartet Panic Baby formed in late 2015 when vocalist Raquel Willand performed a quick search on Craigslist. The very first ad that caught her attention led her to guitarist Jared Wood. A month later, the same ad brought bassist Nick Smith. Originally performing under the name "The Real Fits," it wasn't until mid-2017 that, with the addition of Devin Russell on drums, Panic Baby was born. The name was inspired by a lyric in a new song.

Celebration Guns

Former lovers from local acts Wizards of Time, Neba and Tiger Heist combine to bring you quirky, smart, noisy and catchy indie pop.

Citrus Clouds

#PHX Shoegaze band CITRUS CLOUDS proudly presents a concert to celebrate the release of their album "Imagination"... supported by THE NIX, BREAKUP SHOES, and HERIBERTO & ERICK PINEDA!

"Citrus Clouds create a sound akin to early My Bloody Valentine, taking a fascinating genre and truly owning it. "Anymore," "Love Is" and "Forever Friends" are perfect examples of this, where there is as much noise as there is sheer beauty, woven together into moody mosaics accented by dreamlike imagery."

Erick Pineda- guitar, vocals
Stacie Huttleston- bass, vocals
Angelica Pedrego- drums


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