Joey Sprinkles

Joey Sprinkles

Former lead guitarist of Cloud Nothings and lead singer/guitarist of Chomp, Joey Sprinkles is like a love child of Lookout Records and K Records that was conceived on the floor of an electronics repair shop. Touring incessantly since the release of "Bubble Guts" (Mirror Universe Tapes. 2016), 2017 has already seen one release, "30 Minute Improvisational Demonstration" (Future Boy Recording Co.), an upcoming S/T 7" (Wild Klamath Records), and the upcoming Bobo Records debut "Don't Get Dead". Joey Sprinkles brings an off kilter one man performance that feels like a variety show that's been dropped on its head. Running the gamut from punk to show tunes, from old standards to electronic, from noise to classical, Joey Sprinkles is just beginning to ripen.




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