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5 Piece Indie-Rock band from Dallas, TX.

Moonshine Miracle

The moonshine miracle sound begins with a story. Summer of 1975… Chester made a metaphorically death bed confession to his son, “It’s a miracle that a moonshine drinkin’ lumberjack could produce a preacher!” Moonshine Miracle is rooted in belief that everyone’s story matters and that music (at it’s core) is telling a story while giving everyone permission to tell theirs.

MM Story:

After graduating with a trumpet degree from the University of Oklahoma. Nate Binion took a hiatus from music for almost 10 years to serve in faith-based work. In 2012 while living in downtown Austin and serving as an elementary school teacher, pastor and leader of a national not-for-profit for 20-somethings called Hyphen, his wife was diagnosed with a rare muscle disease called polymiositis. For therapy he began writing songs again. The love for music was too strong so after some months they chose to move back closer to their roots to pursue music and to be close to family. Nate played around Oklahoma with a hired band. He also found a niche playing organ, keys and horns for studio work and various bands.

But in 2015 when he thought his creative efforts might be static he met Miles Ralston and Kenzie Ralston (two accomplished musicians, recording artists and writers). After a few rehearsals they felt that this might be special and joined creative efforts. The rest is still being written.

The band was originated as a high school band from Bixby, Oklahoma in summer of 2014 by Jackson Gillett under the name Manta Rays.

In January of 2015, Manta Rays released a garage band demo called 'I Don't Want To', which received a very good response eventually releasing Manta Ray's first EP, Bad Faith in May the following year. After some changes in the bands line up, and playing around with a stage name, Jackson was a solo artist. and this time Britton, Parker, and Ronnie had a band that went by Anti-Gravity that had ended due to differences, and had just been jamming out and bugging neighbors in Parker's garage. Then in the summer of 2016, Britton, Parker, and Ronnie were spontaneously in the band after jamming out in the garage one day. And Manta Rays got another accidental start playing house shows Parker's garage, inviting friends to come and listen for an hour of their time. and suddenly this started a following of people, and with each house show, more and more people showed up. With time and connections the band had with one another, they looked at it as an opportunity to share good music with people. Jackson, Britton, Parker, and Ronnie released their first single as a band calling it 'Look At It Out Here' in July 2016. and releasing 2 follow up singles. Doing everything on their own and having full creative input.

The Brothers Moore

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