Chicago-based rapper. Gained internet fame when raunchy songs, such as 'Vagina' and 'Deepthroat' went viral. Elizabeth used to be a church-inspired poet who turned her rhymes into raps. She used to be homeless and would have to go from shelter to shelter, which inspired her 2nd mixtape's title, "Shelters To Deltas". Her mother gave her her first studio-recording session, using the only $50 she had.

Raw Elementz

Raw Elementz is a Hip Hop artist who resides in Dallas, Texas. A clever, witty lyricist who sticks to the roots of a hip hop vibe with a new school twist, Raw has been slowly taking over Dallas, as well as the south with his music. Raw, which is an acronym for "Rhythm and Writing" is his definition for the "Elements of Rap" thus him being the definition.

Tron Sagas

Tron Sagas is a member of the 93 Supreme collective. As a rapper, Tron tries to tie together the past with the present to create a new future for Hip-Hop. He believes that without knowing where you came from there is no possible way to see the where you are going. He is currently working on his upcoming project Planet LoveTron, which will be released in 2017.



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