Twisted Knickers Burlesque, Tongue and Cheek

Twisted Knickers Burlesque

Get a special sneak preview to Baltimore’s Tongue in Cheek Jazz Band’s new album. The group’s new album won’t officially be released until November 4, but we’re giving DC an early taste of the band’s unique a blend of Ragtime, Hot Jazz, and Swing music, all set to live burlesque from Twisted Knickers Burlesque and performers Tapitha Kix, Tempette La Coeur, Bella La Blanc and Maria Bella with emcee Hot Todd Lincoln and Stage Wrangler Dirk Hamfist.

Blending the sounds of Storyville and Congo Square, the rich sophistication of the Roaring Twenties in New York and Chicago, and the low-down, dirty depressed era of prohibition, Baltimore’s Tongue in Cheek Jazz Band takes you back to an authentic and exciting time where American music was born, raised, and experienced with pure joy​.​



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