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Michael Golden & The Outsiders

The Dead Flowers

Fabricated in the basements of the underground New Brunswick music scene, The Dead Flowers is a young Rock N Roll band that bring involuntary movement of the head and hips. The hypnotizing melodies and chest pounding rhythms combined with a captivating live performance sends shock waves through an already mesmerized audience. Fueled by a train of euphoric solos, galvanizing vocals and thundering beats, these are not you're conventional Rock N Rollers.

Truly an excitement live, these 4 bring the party. With much more to come, and for all to experience. We are The Dead Flowers.

Doubleday is a pop/rock band from Northern New Jersey, USA. Doubleday was founded by frontman Geoff Doubleday in 2015.

Geoff Doubleday is just a kid from Jersey with a guitar, a voice, and a head full of words that needs to be heard by the world. So be part of the world and listen to him today.

At about the age of two, Geoff Doubleday sat on the bench of a neighbors piano,placed his hands on the keys, and threw his head back and just closed his eyes. From then on it has been a never ending love for music. He taught himself how to play guitar, drums, piano, harmonica, mandolin, bass guitar, and vocals. He started writing songs at a very young age too. As new artists came into his life, his songwriting evolved into an art instead of just an emotional outlet. Check him out and feel the music.




Tickets will also be available at the door for $10 if space permits, however, advanced purchase is always recommended.

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